Dream Dictionary Dispute

Dream Dictionary Dispute

A dispute can be something totally trivial that has no reason to get someone excited or emotional such as who took the cookie from the cookie jar.

Dream Dispute
Dream Dictionary Dispute, At Odds with Yourself: The Dream Meaning of a Dispute

A dispute can also be totally life altering and completely change the lives of everyone involved in the issue, such as “which one of you is the father of this baby.” In this way the word “dispute” is a bit ambiguous because it assumes that you know the situation well enough to know the level of the dispute going on.

If you have a dream in which you are in a dispute or dealing with a dispute then this can mean a few things. In one case it might be a highlight of an actual dispute you are having with someone in real life. In another case this dispute could be indicative of something that you have been turning over and over in your mind a lot. You are thinking about the differences between two lines of thought you now hold when previously it was only one. Essentially you are debating between yourself to see what the more sensible opinion is and when it will win out. You might have this dream or feel this way when someone presents an argument against one of your ideas in a way that is hard to ignore.

Dreaming of a dispute may also mean that you are just generally trying to sort through two separate idea that you have about something. These conflicting ideas you have take the form of people and they argue, but really it is all about you trying to figure out your true feelings on a topic.

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