Dream Dictionary Disturbed

Dream Dictionary Disturbed

There are multiple meanings to the word disturbed. As we begin to enter a new age of language we are beginning to move away from the old meanings of words and we tend to latch onto the newer meanings.

Dream Disturbed
Dream Dictionary Disturbed, The Grotesqueness of the Mind: What it Means do Dream of Being Disturbed

There is one definition of the word “disturbed” that will eventually win out, but for now we have two different definitions to work with. The first one and the one which seems to be on the wane these days in favor of suing the word “annoyed” is for someone’s concentration or their life to be interrupted in some way. This is one meaning of what it is to be disturbed. The other meaning means to have some kind of mental issues which prevent you from functioning socially at a normal level.

If you have a dream that you are disturbed, this kind of thing usually arises from a situation in which you felt actually disturbed and you weren’t quite able to place why at the time so the memory receded back into your mind. You hare having this dream because you were genuinely disturbed at the time that you saw whatever it was that you saw and now your mind is trying to work through it, with or without your help. You will probably see some tough tings in your dreams but the only way to get through them is to just keep on trucking.

To dream that you have been disturbed in the sense of the word meaning annoyed or bothered, this essentially just means that there is something that is bothering you in real life. But the word disturbed carries little significance behind it in terms of how strong a word it is. You are probably dealing with something that is, at worst, a minor annoyance in your life right now. You will get over it one day soon.

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