Dream Dictionary Divided

Dream Dictionary Divided

A person can have their attention divided between two different things.

Dream Divided
Dream Dictionary Divided, What it Means to Dream About Being Divided

A person can have an opinion that is divided between two different choices. Of course if you have gristlier or gruesome dreams you can have a person that has literally been divided in two, but sometimes dreams can cover up for this without being gruesome and you can just have two of the same person. This is the power of dreams after all.

If you have a dream that you are being divided or that you are divided by something then this means that you are struggling with something that seems to be splitting your attention or your opinion into two pieces. You want to be able to focus yourself into one area but whether this will be possible or not in actuality is another thing entirely. Hopefully you will be able to pull it off, but when it comes down to it, whatever it is that is splitting you apart, you’re just going to need to make a choice on in real life. Pick the best one though cause you might not be able to go back.

This does not necessarily mean that whatever it is that is dividing you needs to be stopped though. Consider what happens when a person becomes too linearly aligned with something, with a cause or a belief for example. To make this analogy a little easier, consider politics here. A person can side with the Democratic Party on a lot of issues. They can align themselves with their ideas on big government versus small government and with their plans on what to do in the future with all of the budget problems that we are having recently. They can side with their socially liberal views about the way that sexual education should be handled, what to do about abortions, etc. However, this does not mean that they should follow their opinions blindly. There were many democratic representatives that chose to support a bill requiring women to go through a terrible process of getting an extra ultrasound and being told all about their child before they got an abortion. This caused an outrage and an uproar, and it is generally perceived as very terrible legislation. Just because this person usually sides with the democrats does not mean she needs to follow these representatives in their ideals.

Basically if an event such as this takes place in your life or in your world and you suddenly become divided, rather than trying to ignore the event maybe you should actually take this time to think about where you really stand, how you really feel about something or someone and how these feeling will affect your future opinions. It is good to have a movement that you can attach yourself to and feelings which you can feel towards a specific program but it is not a good idea to become so aligned to a set of ideas that you no longer question them anymore. Even the Christian church stresses the idea of questioning your beliefs daily if not twice or three times daily because it allows you the freedom to say “I’m choosing God” or “I’m choosing…” whatever it is you might choose. You need to be able to think for yourself and making your own choices is a part of that. Embrace the division and see where your thoughts now take you.

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