Dream Dictionary DNA

Dream Dictionary DNA

DNA and the DAN test are two phenomena that have come to us just recently but it is through them that we as humans are able to understand so much about our collective biological history and where we come from.

Dream DNA
Dream Dictionary DNA, Dreaming of DNA or a DNA Test and what it Means

If you have a dream in which you have to see DNA or you have to worry about a DNA test then this means that you are contesting something in real life. Perhaps someone has pinned something on you which were not your fault and you are trying to fight back against it. As sad as it is, a DNA test is usually used to determine the relation of parents to an unwanted child. Therefore the process of getting a DNA test is fraught with emotions on high and lots of other emotional complications. It is usually not something that someone wants to do and usually the only occasion for it is when you are trying to settle an extremely important argument.

If you have a dream in which you take a DNA test it could also mean that you are curious all of the sudden about where you come from. You can tell remarkable things from DNA information like who you are related to and what region of the world your people were generally from. You can tell what kinds of things you are predisposed to like and hate, what diseases you are likely to get and what ones you will probably be able to avoid. There are a lot of things that DNA can tell you and for you right now this would solve all your problems. You want to know more about who you are because you are having some kind of existential crisis. Have fun with what you are doing right now and see where your research takes you.

DNA also has a lot to do with identity in general. Perhaps you are having a dream involving DNA because you feel like you are having some kind of identity crisis. You feel like you aren’t being appreciated for who you are or what you do anymore no matter how hard you try. Either that or you feel like you aren’t who you are. Every human at some point in his or her life has this kind of quandary that they force themselves to work through. They have a kind of identity crisis that causes them to feel like they are not a real person anymore or that they are not who they thought they were. It is possible that you are going through this questioning period in your life where you are questioning what about you really makes you unique and what it all means to you.

This can be an important part in a person’s life and these dreams can be very indicative of what kind of environment they are living in and what they are going through right now. If you are worried about your identity there is not much that people can tell you that won’t sound like an overly philosophical jumble of words but it is important to remember that this line of thought can truly change lives and perspectives and it is best to remember the tremendous power you are wielding and working with even within your own life when you start to have thoughts like this. This is always an important part of what it means to be a person but you need to know not to get too carried away with yourself to the point where you could damage your own consciousness or sense of self-perception. A dream about DNA can be quite the delicate affair to be sure and it is important for you to recognize that when you are trying to interpret the meaning behind this kind of dream.

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R.K. Ruff 2015-08-20 23:31:12
What can gene sequencing reveal to us about the nature of dreams, and what specific d.n.a. markers are being profiled? Could this type of chromosomal data mining eventually be used to justify precognitive crime prevention? Or used to justify forced sterilization and genetic discrimination? We as a species urgently must consider all the implications and ethics when utilizing such a "breakthrough" remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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