Dream Dictionary Dock

Dream Dictionary Dock

The dock is a place where people often go to contemplate things. For a long time, in fact probably as long as man has been alive, there has been a fascinating relationship that we have had with the water.

Dream Dock
Dream Dictionary Dock, What it Means to Dream of the Symbol of a Dock

There is a certain obsession with going to the water and seeing what you can gain from simply staring at it. A dock is a good place to do this because of the layout. Those that want to get even more hardcore with it have often dove into the water to attain a greater understanding and sense of connection.

If you have a dream about a dock or a dream where the dock is a central part then this means that you need to be more contemplative and deliberate in your daily life. The dock is a place where you go to be alone so that you can research something or just brood alone. If you have a dream that you dove from the dock and into the water this means that once your thinking is done, you need to make a decision. You are dealing with a matter that must come to an end at some point.

Aside from the dock representing a return to nature, the dock also represents a sense of longing. It is where departures and returns happen, but when a dock is empty save for one person staring longingly out to sea then this means that this person is waiting for someone to return. To dream that you are at a dock means that you are waiting for something very important in your life to happen or to come to you and it is killing you just how important it is. This is something that can lead to a legitimate sense of sadness and depression if you are not careful.

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