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In many cases a dog might not mean anything, especially if you own a dog, then the reason you’d be dreaming of it is because you see your dog so often, but if you have a dream where you see a dog attack, dog biting you etc. then you need to look into this deeper because these symbols are not meaningless.

If you have a dream of a dog attack then this means that you are worried about backlash for something that you have done recently. This makes more sense of the dog in question is a familiar dog to you. A dog will attack only if you have harmed it greatly or if you do not know it and it is a naturally aggressive dong. What type of dog this is in your dream matters greatly to interpretation. If the dog in your dream that is attacking you or giving you a dog bite is one that you do know in real life and one that you shouldn’t be afraid of then this means that you have done something to anger someone else that you know and it will cause them to be very angry with you. A dog attack, dog bite, dog biting hand etc is nothing to laugh about, especially if it is a familiar dog.
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Laugher 2016-06-20 07:41:22
I don't think I've dreamt about any aggressive dongs lately hahaha.

Please proof read your posts.

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G-Nasty 2016-06-10 10:46:49
Its the same dog in all your dreams. Someone let it out...who let it the dog out? Who...who? The guy who had dream of getting buried by angry jew...They are all angry. Thats why they own everything. They own the Biggest banks, Hollywood, Media and United States of whatever the hell its turned into.

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Aileen 2016-06-03 07:58:36
I had a dream I was kiddnapped and trapped with my brother and so we stole a knife and broke out and saw children in the garage although we had never seen them before we were running to the car and heard our dad but instead of telling us to stay he told us to run and go as fast as we could. That is when I noticed he had blood on himself and bite marks my brother was driving and slowly backing up in reverse but that is when I told him to go forward and then I jumped out the truck and yelled at my brother to save the children then I saw my dogs barking and an unknown brown and white dog growling and I ran inside I saw a grey fat cat and my old dog that had died years before I looked through the silverware to find knives to throw at the unknown dog but then I looked through the sliding door it was a human with magical powers I opened the sliding door so that I could throw knives and the human began trying to kill me but couldn't and that is when my dream ends and I wake up in fear

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Alaura 2016-02-27 22:44:32
Hello, I had a dream about a dog attacking me in front of an old house I lived at before. It was very aggressive and I have not seen it before. It was trying to get into the house to attack everyone else and I tried fighting it off by using things around like a stick or anything else I could find. At the same time I kept calling for help and no one could hear me.

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chloe wood 2015-12-16 14:57:14
hey, ive had a couple of dreams recently which im confused about. in my first dream I am being chased by the grim reeper and the grim repper trys to kiss me, this happens in a maze(familiar to the maze on the shining). my second dream is where im being buried alive my an angry jew.. what does this mean?

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Kaylani 2015-11-28 08:44:53
Hi, I just had a dream that my family and I where outside infront of our house, and then this lady started walking out way with a golden retriever. It was on a long leash and she was holding it. Then the dog ran towards me aggressively and barked and bit my leg. It hurt. And I know a lot about dogs in real life, and in the dream I totally forgot how to behave if a dog attacks you. The dog kept coming at me, and the lady did nothing for a while. She finally pulled the dog away from me later on. Once the lady with the dog had left, my stepdad was getting mad at me, because he said I was aparently pretending to shoot the dog with a gun. And I argued that I wasn't, and he got mad and said I was doing that, and the dog was protecting her pups such later apeared in my dream. Then I went inside to my mom, and told her what my stepdad said. And she agreed. Then it ended. Please tell me what this dream ment, I did not like this dream because I love dogs so much, and would have known what to do in that situation. Please answer!

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Abbie 2015-09-10 09:42:25
I have just had a dream about a familiar dog attacking me I fought it off in it first attempt of harming me without any help from my family that were there these people were rather close to me.. They heard me scream for help and did nothing.. The second time the dog jumped up at my face baring all its teeth and then I woke up.

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Ebony 2015-07-06 22:17:53
Hi I had a dream that I wasn't able to get out of bed as there was sharks attacking my legs I was bleeding everywhere and then I dreamt I woke up again and had all deep slashes and ran down stairs to tell my mum and she said know ones up there and the only thing that had been up there was my dog I'm finding it hard to understand ?

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Aneesa 2015-05-11 06:24:40
Hello I have had a dream that a dog was attacking me but I kept defending myself and it never actually managed to harm me. Although I was terrified it would. The dog was unleashed on me by someone I didn't know when a business deal went bad. It was a small dog, but very aggressive. And i know it was barking but I don't think I could hear it's bark in my dream.

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bianca 2014-08-21 08:51:53
Hello.. I have been having dreams before this dog dream. This is the first time I am having a dog dream. In it, I was trying to walk past it because I think they were two of them but only one was growling @ me and I was scared. I think it was a black dog,underneath it was white. All of a sudden, it began to race fast towards me and then pinned my hand to the wall with its teeth. I managed to wriggle out but that was after I had flung the dog with force real far. When I checked my hand, there was no blood, no tear nor bite only pain and I was relieved. My father came to guide me to the car but I still walked past the dog with caution and fear. When I looked @ the dog while passing by, it didn't move. It was laying on its back, wasn't getting up. I thought it was even dead. That's how d dream went. In reality, I don't like dogs. I need a reply real fast please. Thanks.

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