Dream Dictionary Dog house

Dream Dictionary Dog house

Dog dreams can be pretty funny and they can also be pretty scary depending on what’s going on and how you feel about Dog house dream.

Dream Dog house
Dream Dictionary Dog house, The Dream Meaning of Dog house

To dream of a dog house suggests you have fallen out of favor with someone, probably your lover. This is a dream that is mostly shared among males, though women can have it too. Basically the phrase out in the dog house means that you have done something so wrong in your relationship and so harmful to your loved one that she would be willing to throw you outside and force you to live in the literal dog house. Of course this only happens in the most extreme cases and now the phrase is used for smaller infractions, or just to mean that you have fallen out of good graces temporarily. But to dream of a dog house means you have done something that if your lover were to find out about it, would have her angry with you.

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