Dream Dictionary Dog with rabies

Dream Dictionary Dog with rabies

Dogs are creatures that you see often in your dreams because they are so common in real life.

Dream Dog with rabies
Dream Dictionary Dog with rabies, The Meaning Behind a Dream About Dog with rabies

If you have a dream about a dog with rabies and it is attacking you then this means that there is someone you have to deal with who is bound to give you a lot of trouble. You are dealing with an irrational person and they are going to bite no matter what. You are trying hard to make sure that they notice you and that you are not burned by them but this might be hard when you consider how unwilling to reason they are. This is something that you need to pay attention to because it could get you into some hot water very soon.

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taylor 2016-07-11 07:39:40
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I had a dream that i was bitten by an animal with rabies, except it was a black kitten not a dog. The symbolism is really spot on for me.
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