Dream Dictionary Dogging

Dream Dictionary Dogging

Dreams involved dogging in a sense of Dogging bullets mean that you are have had a lot of pressure put upon you.

Dream Dogging, Dogging bullets
Dream Dictionary Dogging, The Definition of the Dream Symbols of Dogging

If you have a dream where you are dogging someone or where someone else is dogging you then this means that you feel like you have had a lot of pressure put upon you in recent times because of how much work you have had to do. You have a lot of pressure that you have to deal with because you are being so put upon and pressured by others. This can lead to a lot of stress and the dream is probably a manifestation of that strong stress. If in the dream you are dogging someone else this means that you are becoming self conscious of how pressuring you have been towards someone else. You have been putting a lot of pressure on someone else and it is all showing in your life and the way you treat others.

If you have a dream in which you are dogging bullets then this means that you have had a few close calls with something important. This could mean that you have been dealing with close calls in the sense that you have literally almost died or it could have to do with the fact that you have missed being chastised or you have gotten out of having to deal with tough consequences in a variety of ways and at many times. If you have a dream about dogging bullets it means that you are happy to know that you have avoided danger in some way many many times.

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