Dream Dictionary Doll, Dolly

Dream Dictionary Doll, Dolly


Dolls can be scary and they can also be lovely, it all depends on the type of doll and the way you feel about dolls in general as well as what time period it comes from. If you have a dream about dolls it might be a nightmare or it might be a wondrous dream. It all depends on your own feelings on dolls.

If you have a dream about a doll this can mean a few different things, but the tone of the dream here is really important to interpretation. There are a few different tones that a dream like this can have too, but generally these tones will range from a tone of anger and unhappiness to a tone of fear, to a tone of childlikeness to a tone of happiness. If you have a dream in which you see a doll, all you need to know is the tone and then you will be able to interpret.

If the dolly that you saw in your dreams came up in a tone of fear then this means that you are scared of something. Dolls are known for being extremely scary to some people because they can seem like small people and the more real they are the more fear they inspire. If you have a dream of a frightening doll or a dream in a frightening context then this means that you are just generally afraid in your waking life of something else, some icon or person that is frightening you and causing you to have nightmares. Another option is that you are having these dreams because you are scared that someone is going to hurt you and you won't know it until it is too late because they are so stealthy about their dealings. This could be referring to an emotional or physical wound.

If you have a dream in which you see a doll but it is not a frightening dream and you are seeing the doll in a good context then this usually means that you are doing a good job of coming to terms with your desire to revisit your childhood. Revisiting childhood is something that just about every adult will want to do again at some point in the future because childhood is such a positive time for so many. If you spend a lot of time brooding over childhood or dreaming about a doll, dolly, dollhouse, doll baby, doll head etc then all this means is that you are now at a stage in life in which you are interested in returning to your childhood. Of course this is physically impossible so you should not fixate on this too much, but it does mean that you can try to regain that childhood in a few small ways.

Go out and do something that you once thought was fun when you were a kid, something that it would still be appropriate for an adult to do. Go out and buy a gameboy or have a run. This type of dream can also mean that you are yearning for a child and the best way to relive childhood is to have a child of your own. It may not be feasible for you but you should consider it at some point.

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G 2021-05-19 03:13:31
I’m 11 and I had a nightmare about a doll. So, I was born into a different family in the dream, I had only a dad and a little sister. We had just moved so there were lots of boxes all over the house. Me and my sister were in the garden and there was a tall pile of boxes that was right in front of a mirror. I went inside to get something, and when I got back, my sister was walking towards the mirror as if in a trance. I looked at the mirror and there was a doll sitting on a pile of shiny toys reflected on it. Like, the porcelain ones with the puffy dresses, tiny chins, huge head, tiny mouths. This one had auburn hair, a plum coloured puffy dress, and she was smiling. It was all very creepy because, as I mentioned earlier, the only thing in front of the mirror were a bunch of boxes. She was singing and her voice got squeakier and squeakier by the minute. At one point it was so high pitched, that I was paralysed. I couldn’t move, especially my knees. The craziest part was that I actually couldn’t move in real life, like I could feel myself not moving outside the dream.
That was the story of my dream, I hope someone can explain what it means cause it was pretty freaky.
angie 2021-05-13 07:50:04
i had a dream that the doll was on my bed but it was invisible but i knew it was there because i saw it on a video. And my nephew came in my room and i told him to sit on my bed with me but he said “i can’t she doesn’t want me to” and i said who and he said “the doll” after that i don’t remember much but i do remember finding a note and it seemed like rules from the bible and i remember online one thing “don’t use the gods name in vain” and i remember being so confused. i also remember trying to leave my house with this guy but a voice said “look what happened to him” and out of nowhere some police that was by my house got shot out of nowhere and as i tried to walk i got dragged back into the house by something. and that’s all i really remember but i don’t know what it could mean.
Rose 2020-01-20 22:08:05
Hi! I had a dream with a doll. A doll that I love since childhood. The doll was in good conditions but I started breaking apart until I left the head on the floor and I hide the parts of the doll somewhere and I ran back to my family. What does this mean?
Angela 2020-01-08 22:04:59
I had a dream of Annabelle the haunted doll and I was at a hotel and didn't know she was under the bed and then after a little bit something kept moving the bed so I looked under the bed and then after a while I called a friend over to help me and then it took us a while to grab her then we tried to put her on a cross I made and we tried to tie her up with wire but she kept slipping out then my friend got a drill and then drilled both of the dolls hands and then we started to make a fire but we had to get something to make sure it doesn't go out so I told my friend to go get Clorox but she came back with a spray bottle of it and I told her that we need a bigger one and then she asked how big then I said probably half of the gallon of the Clorox then when she got it we started to pore it all over the doll then put the doll on fire and we started to leave but made sure to put it out and then got in our car then went to a place to put her then we stuck her in the ground with the cross and put her back on fire then left to never seen her ever again.
Perry 2019-12-15 17:06:13
My dream consisted of an abandoned house being exploerd by me. A homeless man had been living in it and kept dolls in the three bedrooms of the house. The tone was more depressing than creepy. The bedrooms were small and just had a bed, a black or gray sheet and about 15 or so dolls. You can guess what the man was doing to the dolls... Instantly I began to snap the dolls' heads off in disgust and, once done, I ran outside in the streets to find an alligator chasing me, in which I woke up after being caught by the 14-foot beast.
Mar 2019-11-23 21:23:31
I had I weird dream concerning Annabelle and Chucky, I dont remember everything but I was with them in a house, they didn't do anything to me at least not that I recall anyways at first they were helping each other and then Annabelle betrayed us and that's when the whole atmosphere changed the sky turned red and she bombarded the house to try and take us out, we survived and chucky was pissed and was planning on getting revenge and I was gonna help him but unfortunately that's were it ends. I wasn't scared it was just a weird dream.
Savannah 2019-05-20 10:24:36
I have a recurring bad dream where I stumble upon a big room with 4 different rooms. Each different room is assigned a specific color pink, blue, green, and yellow. The pink one is the one where the scary dolls usually cause me to have sleep paralysis. Sometimes I'll stumble upon the pink room from transitioning dreams.

Sometimes the pink room changes from dolls to marinette puppets to floral pillows to furniture covered by cloth in a dark room. Either way, the dolls always lure me into there pink room trap and I just get so scared.
Like I feel pure evil coming from the dolls in the pink room.
Sierra 2018-12-13 16:20:59
I had a dream that these 2 creepy dolls were watching me like security cameras in my room. They were even on the walls! They were the kinds of dolls that would've killed you in your sleep so I felt threatened. Instead I threatened them that I would kill them and started taking glass pieced off them. They finally gave in and weren't so scary anymore. My brother appeared next to me and I said to him that, "It is only a matter of being the dominant one." Like how you have to be dominant to a dog to control them.
Victoria 2019-11-11 19:22:03
I had a dream about the Annabella doll, the one in the movie. I was walking around in a forest with a man that was very tall(he looked like slender man) and I was singing a creepy song. Then, he takes me into a room and there she was sitting down on a rocking chair. She looks at me and motions for me to get closer which I did but I didn't want to, my body moved on it's own. Then she Pat my hair like I was a dog and kept saying things like"don't worry, you'll take my place in a little, you'll feel what I always feel, you'll be another me" Then I woke up, but I woke up to my little sister giggling at a mirror, and her reflection wasn't pretty..
Ambrosha 2019-05-05 21:31:47
I was lookn up the meaning of my dream, but I read yours n it ws similar to yours, but in my dream me n my baby being chased by bees, and walsp, and then it was jus me laying down n I look up and saw too 2 spooky porcelain real lookn dolls watching me with a crayon in each ear as if they didnt want to hear.
Emma 2018-10-11 12:10:04
I JUST had a dream about watching some Paranormal show, probably Ghost Adventures, but it was about Annabelle. They kept the cameras on her for some time and she looked at them. Then said some weird phrase in a odd tone. I cant rememeber what it was she said but before that a camera guy saw her sitting in the back of a old room, and decided to get a closer shot. BAD IDEA. It got creepier from their as mentioned earlier. But then she stood up as she spoke the weird phrase and started chasing the Camera guy. I woke up after that, facing my wall in my bed, my back turned to my room. I was scared for 10 minutes to turn around, fearing she was there. Tried to calm myself down by saying that it was a dream.
Eva 2018-08-27 09:13:58
I had a dream at my dads house it was a night Mariah dream though so in my dream I wasn’t in it I was seeing it so I saw a guy he was outside by the door for some reason I alalready know that he’s the owner so the guy I had white grayish hair and he was old ish looking he was talking to a old lady that looked kinda hyperly exited all I knew that she was weird so they were talking about this doll a realistic haunted blond braided hair doll in his house in her room the house was huge but he said it was on the top floor to the right so I looked and the doll
Was staring at me from the window I over heard it was a real haunted living doll but the lady insisted she wanted to check it out so they went inside the house I followed them Spence I had no controll I was just following them the man stoped in the doorway of the dolls bead room there was a prayer on the door the guy told the lady to pray they did but I didn’t know the prayer so I just said the Hail Mary in my head they went in the room and the lady looked possessed and took out a knife wile the man wasn’t looking she walked torwords the man but looks like she faught it turned around and threw the knife at the Dall’s neck the doll screamed, the man turned around said you did it I looked at ware the doll was it was gone I looked in the bed the lady was Thare now I’m in the ladies ‘s point of view the dolls head was hanging from th end on the seeling gushing blood the creepy part is the ladies foot slowly moved up and span the doll around while it’s still bleeding and gasping and moving, the man and lady laved satisfactorily and that’s when I woke up I always remember dreams I hate it!!!
Kaara Cassagne 2018-08-24 21:29:23
The Dream i had was about a creepy oodo Doll that tried to harm me and my family by setting them on fire so in order to protect my family i burned the voodoo doll as one of m sibling was taking me awat to safety from not being close to said creepy evil voodoo doll thing.
Marianne 2018-07-26 22:32:17
I just had a dream where , i found a cave and in it was a creepy looking doll, and i hugged it, then i took it home i dressed it up, and started lookin up pics of other dolls and then the doll face changed and it changed again , and then i woke up

Rose hernatez 2018-07-12 08:06:32
I had a dream that i s in an antique house with few people i knew from some videos ...suddenly i realized that i have dreamed about this place before and that there was this creepy doll here and that i burned it so we went to the kichen and standed in a circle and held a gold ribbon. One of the people alled shane closed the light . we waited for some seconds Suddenly we w a flickering light and evil laugh from the basement i started screaming i the ame ing happend i screamed loud again 2 guys leaned in to see whats in the basement they where i shok as the doll was moving in front of there eyes .i screamed TURN THE LIGHTS ON ! As everyone was running towards the door to leave someone turns the lights on then i start running outside as everyone was pushing each other to leave we ran acros the road i saw a car coming so i screamed again Watch out theres a car !as i most got hit by it.i crossed the road and then i woke up
What does this mean???
Karli 2018-06-25 16:29:49
I had have this dream twice already. So this like baby doll from my childhood makes me sleep with it like as a comforter but I am a teenager and i did knot like the idea of that and it creeped me out anyways so my mom told me to put it in the freezer for some reason and I got a text from the doll and the number from the doll was 94651 or something like that and it it kept on texting me "I am gonna kill you" " why dont you want me anymore" and I would respond " I think I am just getting to old for you I love you and all but I am just getting too old I can bring you to good will and find you a new owner who will love you just as much" be the doll replied " I want you and only you and if I can't have you I will kill you" and I wake up shaking like a fool and my heart is pounding like what feels 2 beats a second and I want to cry and when ever i close my eyes u see the dolls face staring at me.
Georgia 2018-06-19 16:43:33
I had a nightmare that I really need to get off of my chest.
So the nightmare seemed like I was watching a scary movie trailer(i wasn't there) and it was about a little girl. She had this creepy looking doll but she loved it. She said the doll helped her take pictures and shows the girl balancing her camera on the baby dolls head. Things she loved about the doll were shown for quite a while. Then, suddenly, the girl says "smile really big!" sarcastically to the doll and I saw the dolls mouth twitch into a wide evil looking grin. The doll continues doing creepy things until it finished on a scene of loads of children screaming and ,what I think was a headteacher in a school) running out to the children yelling "it was her doll!" the "camera" then pans down to the little girl who the doll belongs to lying dead on the ground looking almost grey with a screaming expression on her face. Then I saw the doll running and that was it.
Abigail Maguire 2018-05-26 12:38:05
I keep having this dream :

I am walking across the road on my way to a restaurant. I get there and stuff, whatever. Then, I meet this peculiar person, who has the name Delilah. We talk, and she tells me she fought in Afghanistan, and was beaten by Afghanistan Terrorists. She also tells me that 3 of the crew members that went with her were killed, leaving only her alive when she was rescued by US Army Soldiers. So, she winds up getting revenge on the guy who kills her friends, but she got arrested for it because there was no evidence to prove it. However, while in prison, she kind of becomes almost demonic, and very very scary. She winds up escaping and killing everyone in the room. However, she was invincible. She would get shot, and she was rip the bullet out. The scariest part, was that she would chase you until she caught up with you and would rip you apart, starting with your hair, then your face, then your limbs. When police officers came onto the scene the next day, there were just limbs and heads, and bodies all over the place flooded with blood. The lady winds up going to a children's toy store, where she kills off everyone in the store including the kids, but while she is there, she gets this little plaid dress and puts it on. While she is killing someone, she's hit the knees with a hammer, and her knees heal, but in a weird manner. She has to walk with her legs sticking outward, and its like when she runs, her feet hit the side of her hips. So, she eventually winds up targeting me, but always never getting me. She would kill all of my friends while she was at it. Over time, because of all the people that tried to fight back would leave marks on her, she looked extremely demonic. Her eyes had blood just dripping through the sides, her eyes were light light light grey, her hair had multiple patches in it, and she had multiple wounds and scratches all around. She couldn't heal neccesarily, but the scratches and the eyes and stuff didn't effect her. She continues to chase after me, developing a name for what she does : Tickling. She says "come out come out! Come get some tickles from De Dee" (She calls herself that too), and she has almost plans on how to do stuff. We wind up catching her once, and putting her into a metal chair, gassing her, lighting her on fire, etc etc, and we can't see her because of all the smoke, but the next day, the body is gone. GONE. Later than night I'm sleeping, and she's in the corner of my room, watching me, her entire face ash grey, her eyes completely gone, her hair gone (except for some patches), her body coeredin blood, her skirt...her skirt says you will pay, and her face has it carved into her : You will die. She jumps on me, begins ripping me to shreds, and I woke up. I woke up with my doll staring (YES STARING) at me over in the corner with a plaid dress on. I also woke up heavily breathing and soaked in sweat, and no matter how hard I try, I can't fall back to sleep.
Lillac 2018-05-12 17:23:12
I had a dream that I was in a house I don't reconize [Im pre teen] and I lived alone. It was daytime I looked out the window to see life-sized dolls with curly hair and each with different colors but they had white girl skin and ones hair was blue ones hair was pink etc... They were in a line but didn't move. I went to the fridge and there were lunch boxes in each shelf [there were lots] The lunch boxes were black and I was in a rush to eat them all before my sister comes back then i started masturbating! [I never had before] It was so weird!
autumn 2018-03-28 12:31:01
I'm so confused and scared right now. I had a nightmare of a doll that I threw away. I have a neice that lives with me and she loved this doll. She would always have it and play with it. In the nightmare she went up to me while i was in my room saying it was alive and moving. She looked scared and she was crying. It did move but only little movements and I kept telling myself it was just my imagination. Then I brought it to tell my mom. When I was holding the doll it turned straight at me and started rolling its eyes backwards right when i yelled for my mom. I threw the doll on the floor then it got up and started jumping. Then I woke up. This doll when I saw it last, was torn. I know my niece couldn't have done all of that. I always found the doll creppy. I threw it in the trash can because it was torn and broken. Is it coming back for me?
Shroomie the Shroom 2019-12-08 11:07:13
No but its likely to have some sort of meaning. Dreams are more reflections of your subconscious as opposed to a prediction of reality. Perhaps you subconsciously fear that it is coming back for you?
E m m a 2018-03-15 10:20:36
Ok so my dream was i was in the basement picking sotjing to take up to my bedroom. I grabbed whatever it was and went up to my bedroom. In my bedroom there was a doll that was talking very eerily and moving its bodyparts. I dropped whatever i had in my hand and ran to my livingroom where my grandmother was stitting beside beside another doll that was doing yhe same thing. I yelled at the doll saying why wont you just stop! My grandma then turns over and yells YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO STOP THEM! The dolls both say BYE BYE FOR NOW! And i wake up. HELP ME
Cands 2018-03-07 01:32:28
I've seen this doll in a dream once before, same mansion, same room, same canal. I was visiting an old type of mansion. In the back between the wall that surrounds the grounds and a black top was a canal. The canal had dirty water, and there was two large tree roots that were big enough for me to stand on and walk in the canal without getting wet. There was a sign warning people that the roots were rotting and could break then advised so stay off of them. I ignored the warning and started to run on the right root. Like I said I've been here before in a different dream and I knew what waited at the end of the canal. This time I wanted to go there. An elevated play house, it was white and old. I hopped off the root to grip the latter to climb up. I opened the door and there she was, right where I left her the last time (against the pillow on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed). A porcelain doll, Lizzie. She wore a white dress with fading red stripes with a black belt. She had blonde hair with bangs and the two front pieces were clipped back. I stared at her for a second before picking her up gleefully. I knew she was bad in a way but I was still drawn to her. She didn't talk or even move, she was just a doll. I cradled her in my arms and took her back to the mansion site. I know from the last time I saw her, her last owner was a little girl named Charlotte from flashbacks I saw when I touched Lizzie the first time. The person who was running tours at the Mansion confiscated Lizzie from me and started bombarding me with questions of how I found her and where I got her. I told the truth and even pointed out what was at the end of the canal. The guide told me that she was going to put her back or I'd be cursed. I literally just said okay and watched her walk off with Lizzie but something tells me I'll be seeing her again.
Jada 2018-03-04 18:18:31
My Brother had a dream that he was in his room that he shares with his sister. he was putting his karate outfit on because he takes karate lessons, my sister has this old bunk bed and underneath it is this little storage closet that my brother is freaked out by. There was a doll with this really gross hair that was by the bunk bed. He was going out of the room when the doll grabbed him, he held onto the door because the doll wasnt letting him go, he kept trying to shout for help but no words were coming out of his mouth. Then mom came in and asked him what was wrong and he woke up.

Does anyone have a dream interpretation for this? My brother was really scared for a while after this.
Veronika 2018-01-06 17:16:41
I had a dream we really I visited my old childhood house and I found a whole box of dolls. Then a TV turned on saying that we had to give a proper goodbye or the dolls would murder us. All of me and my siblings were trapped in the house of and as we walked through the house we got message's from the dolls. They were all creepy old porcelain dolls dress in nice dress. One was waiting for my grandmother and one was waiting for my mom. And that's it.
Rae Jones 2017-12-31 19:48:13
I had a dream about Annabelle. I was in a hallway and I see a girl. I can't remember what she looked like but, I do remember she wasn't normal Looking. We started talking in a friendly manner and then I asked where the doll was and she pointed at a room near us. I went to the room and saw the real Annabelle doll, the raggity Ann doll, and started to hit her case. She stared at me, and then I woke up. I'm terrified to get in a car in case she attempts to kill me. I don't know what to do.
Abrianna 2017-12-11 11:57:33
I had a dream about a haunted doll. There was this room that my grandma didnt like goimg into very often. So one day she went into the room, an old doll of hers attacked her and scratched her eye, but after that they became good friends. I walked up to see my grandmother talking to an old raggedy ann doll, i didnt think to much of it, so i waved. She showed me into another room and explained that i cant ask too many questions. So i didnt. I asked my grandma why she hated the room so much and all she said was, "its gets a bit frightning when it gets dark" and after it got dark outside it got dark inside, there were no lights. I heard her calling me and i went to look for her. I decided not to go into the room she doesn't like because it creeped me out. I heard her call again. I went downstairs to look for her but she wasnt there. At this point i knew i was dreaming and cause my grandma is religious i went into the kitchen to look for a cross and a knife..... I foumd the knifes but the crosses were gone.. I slid the knife back into my sleeve and walked upstairs. My grandma called me again and again. I went into the room, she jumped at me as a joke and i got scared and grabbed my knife out of my sleeve and cut her arm a bit. And then i woke up. Ive have this dream 2 times before and it scares me to death!!

Iwo 2017-11-10 04:45:43
I had twice a dream, about some dolls. They were chasing me, So i shot them. But the first time there was my mom having a nightmare.Both dream after waking up,I was like, pinned to the bed.And my eyes forced to be closed.It wasnt scary.Just intriguing.I had to force my limbs to move to the left side, Im order to be able to do stuff. Also,It was all happeing in mom's bedroom which i am currently in as my room is occupied, and living room. When i tried to talk overall, i couldnt. I had to force my lips to open. The second time i approached a doll in an unknown room. I tried to sing, but i couldnt so she sang for me.Then started to approach me Like, walk casually. And the weirdest? I was partially consious. However, i couldnt modify it. And everything was like in a syrup, Slowed down
Gotta admit.I kinda wanna go back and win. Oh! And it was darker there, than irl. Also. When i tried to choke an undead doll. I couldnt feel the pressure of the throat. It was just skin. And i kinda grunted as i woke up this time. Also There were dolls that were animals. Mostly foxes and wolves.They were like real, but made out of paper. So i kinda tore a fox's jaw, and it tried to attack me, so i shot it ; I dont remember wolves attacking me tho. They were kinda like mobs in minecraft (foxes).They also only made appearance in the second dream. I slept around an hour, if you combine the time of both dreams.Creepy thing i previously felt some arms on myself Probably had a sleep paralysis. I didnt feel ANY weight on the bed; I could move my arms (and the elbow joints). But that was about it I felt hands in my own.And two others grabbing me and trying to hold me while i refused. It was before the first time i think?.. I also rememer only one boy doll.Others were girls, but well get to that soon. I couldnt shoot the boy, Near the end of the second dreammare i tried to shoot the doll that sang. But she was already dead. Any doll that i shoot had white eyes. No colour in eyes. I accidentaly shoot a doll when i was defending myself. She was my daughter?.. This is weird My brain is telling me that:"This is your daughter and you shot her", im only 13(14 in nov.)I tried to revive her but then though she would attack me. So nah.
THEN i moved to the living room, As there was a room that doesnt exist. Now my brain is giving me images of devil holding me down..
And staring at me (the one imagining it)My cheek feels odd. Well, ear more but still. I DID fly out of the bedroom. I remember something trying to catch me but i ignored it, (It was in the first dream btw. The second one included nonexistent rooms) so i saw my mom. She was clearly having a nighmare. So i touched her to wake her up. Something tells me i woke her up in reality too. Because i immediately noticed that she was acting scripted like an NPC. So we started to talk? And THEN the boy doll came, .Kinda looked like that doll with black hair, the suit, and blue eyes From a horror move, as always. And with a swirl on their chin, And red cheeks.
s o a p i e 2017-10-27 20:55:53
I had a dream that this doll that looked creepily alike to Annabelle, was following me but i heard footsteps so i turned around and notice the doll there on the ground (but her face looked happy and wasn't evil) so i carefully picked her up and i told my sister who was stsnding next to me look what i found, and then as i told her that, the doll's head was now facing me and on her back she had a pouch full of blood, human blood, in shock i chucked her in the ocean that was near and i walked of with my sis and turned to see that where i threw her, she was gone..the next thing i know was i saw her standing far away staring at me and i looked at my chest and saw a heart made of blood (it was that pouch) next thing i know is she said "sweet dreams" politely too politely and then she came flying at me with her hands out to grab me and i woke up sweating...help ;-;
lkjbhgcfxdz 2018-03-05 09:10:43
I dont think you have to worry about it,im pretty sure that when a dream has blood, then the dream doesnt have a meaning.
Jax 2017-10-25 03:57:06
My boyfriend 's daughter passed last Tuesday at 28years old. She was a special needs child, that could not walk or talk.She was deserted at birth by her mother. This morning was the funeral and I dreamt that she was dressed in a d red brocade outfit and she was a marionette doll, jumping on my shoulders back and fourth.
Deepa 2017-10-09 10:16:44
I have had a dream on Annabella Doll...it was terryfing...I have even seen Es and Lauren in my dream...I was inside the house where Annabella was staying and the real owner was also staying with her...some horror incident also happens but he was not at all scared...the owner...it was his will to stay with her...I was scared
Martha 2018-01-27 16:17:36
I did too!! Omg I had seen the movie the night before, and had that dream. She was possessed and I was praying and I basically called out the demon and started cursing at him and praying. Woke up stuttering and praying.. my heart pounding fast and I was shaking and got.when I opened my eyes I looked directly at the ceiling in my room and it looked like a demonic face !! I was horrified so I kept praying in silence for some courage.. got up and turned the light on. Never again will I watch that at night.
Vesna 2017-10-01 08:21:14
I had a dream about a haunted doll.
The doll was plastic it was all pitch black.
And i was so scared that i woke up and the time was around 3am.
What does that mean?
Jersey 2017-11-23 12:09:53
im Not no specialist but I would probably say you got some demons up in your house.

Courtney Johns 2017-10-28 18:05:51
It means that there is something trying to warn you by frightening you... Which usually in mist cases, that's a bad sign. Just watch out, and ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.
wilke 2017-09-03 14:02:13
I had a dream about a girl aging with a doll and then she wakes up with the doll in bed and she looks down at her side and she and the doll are attached by her skin. Then I woke up. Its really scary!

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