Dream Dictionary Dominance

Dream Dictionary Dominance

Dominance is something which someone must really attach their lives to if they hope to make any large discoveries or hope to learn anything new about themselves or those around them.

Dream Dominance
Dream Dictionary Dominance, Dreaming About Dominance and the role this Has in Your Personality

However proceeding down a path in which dominance over others is the main goal in the end, this can lead to huge issues in the future with your own life and the relations you have with those around you.

If you have a dream about dominance, the true meaning behind it can be obscured if all you remember is the theme. You need to know who had dominance over whom. Once that is found out, it should be pretty easy to interpret. Basically if you were the one in the dream that was dominant over something or someone else then this means that you feel powerful for some reason and you feel like exerting that power somehow. If you have a dream in which you are the one that is being dominated or someone else had dominance over you then this means that you can feel your own personal weakness and you don’t feel strong anymore. You are losing power. Sometimes this can be a good thing because it may have been power that you didn’t need or that didn’t belong to you.

When you dominate someone, this is not the same thing as leading them or becoming their superior. This means that you assert yourself over them and take away their own sense of agency and worth in the process. If you have a dream where you are exerting dominance it could mean that you feel extra alpha and strong in your real life.

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