Dream Dictionary Doodle

Dream Dictionary Doodle

A doodle is usually seen as something silly, a total flight of fancy.

Dream Doodle
Dream Dictionary Doodle, What it Means to Dream of a Doodle

It lies somewhere between a scribble and a rough sketch. It has a little more purpose behind it than a simple scribble, but it is nowhere near as fleshed out or purposeful as a sketch might be. Its placement in the spectrum of artistic representation is very important in determining how meaningful this dream should be to you.

If you have a dream about a doodle then it depends what the doodle is of and who is doing it as to what it means. Theoretically though in the most general terms, a dream of a doodle means that you have been sloppy lately. You have been tasked with doing something important and instead you have been slacking off or putting little effort into your studies when you knew you should be trying a lot harder than you are doing now. In addition this kind of dream could also mean that you have been slacking off right now. You are supposed to be paying attention to something really important and instead you are shirking your responsibilities and putting little effort into it.

A doodle is known for being one of the less involved forms of drawing; you don’t put much effort into doodles that you make because they are just that, doodles. To have a dream in which you are drawing doodles means that you just aren’t doing the best that you can in life right now. When someone gives you a task, you do it, but you do not do it with gusto, you do it regretting the responsibility you’re being given. You are not putting your best effort into it and it shows. While this attitude may be helping you get by in life right now, your attitude will not serve you well in the future. It may not seem obvious right now what will happen to you but you can be sure that this negative attitude will be nothing but detrimental to you.

Another attribute of a doodle that is quite telling about the meaning is that doodles are usually made when a person is quite bored with life. When you do doodles in real life it is usually when you can’t think of anything better to do with your time. You are out of ideas of other good things to do and it is because of this that you will end up losing a lot of time or wasting it by doing nothing. Essentially this emotion from the dream carries over directly to your real life situation. You are dreaming of doing doodles because in real life you are also spinning your wheels. You can think of nothing better to do, so you are simply doing whatever you are doing in your life just to have some sort of thing to occupy you. This is certainly healthier than doing nothing. However, when the sum total of all of your accomplishments at the end of this time period is also zero, then you are still not getting anything done, which might as well be the same thing as never having done anything in the first place. Get your act together and make sure to have some legitimate plans for the future or else you will continue simply spinning your wheels which is not a good thing for you to do if you want to make any progress in the future.

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