Dream Dictionary Doom, Doomsday

Dream Dictionary Doom, Doomsday

A lot of people think that if they dream of the apocalypse that it is just going to happen and that was that.

Dream Doom, Doomsday
Dream Dictionary Doom, Doomsday, The Meaning of a Dream About Doom, Doomsday

Hundreds of years ago people believed that dreams were prophecies and sometimes people lived and died by the interpretation of dreams. If you have a dream about any of these things it does not mean that you are crazy or dangerous, just keep reading on to find out what it really does mean.

If you have a dream about doom, this might not be as bad as you think. A lot of people think that a dream about doom means that you are going to go through some bad stuff soon, but this might not even be the case at all. It could just mean that you are worried about something small. In the old days a dream of doom would have resulted in a few peoples’ heads getting cut off because each dream was seen as a prophecy of things to come. Kings and rulers became dangerous with power because if they had a bad dream they could take it out on whoever they wanted to and justify it by saying they had a prophecy.

In these modern times we know that a dream is not a world prophecy. It could be a prophecy about your own life but this is as far as it will extend. So the good news is that if you have a dream where doom comes on the world then this does not mean the entire world is going to explode into flames, it just means that for you, it feels like it is going to. This kind of dream about doom or doomsday, etc basically usually happens when someone is confronting one of their largest fears and they know about it and are anticipating it. If you have a dream in which you see doomsday then odds are this is happening because you are about to go do some public speaking. Public speaking is usually the greatest fear of many different people and if they have a dream in which they have to go through doomsday then it might be because they are going to give a speech soon.

Of course you could be seeing doomsday because you feel like your life is just in ruins. You feel like you messed up so badly that there is no coming back from it and you just need to try your hardest to make sure that your life goes back to the way it was and does not spontaneously combust, or whatever it is you are worried is going to happen.

Many times a person sees something that they are afraid of as the end of the world, or something that they have failed as the end of the world. They think that just because they have gone through something traumatic that it really is the end of the world and that things will never get back to normal but this is simply not the case. You need to realize that just because you have a dream about the end of the world does not mean that everything in your life is going to hell. If anything it means that you are being a little conceited in that you feel like your one little problem is the end all be all. This is not a good idea because it means that you need to beat down these perceptions of the world outside yourself so that you can see the truth also. This is the best way to handle things.

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Ayumi 2019-01-07 23:30:58
I had a dream a few days ago in which our world was a simulation, and one day the people who had created our world decided they wanted to kill us all so they sent out this huge black wave that flooded the entire earth, and when you were caught inside the wave it wrapped around you like a blanket and suffocated you. Some of the people who had created the world were also riding on these small ship-like compartments that floated above the wave and they were mounted with turrets so they could shoot and kill anyone who wasn't drowned by the wave. I remember I was at school in this dream and everyone knew the black wave was coming but we had all accepted the impending doom of the world and that we'd all die, so I went home and asked my mother if she'd shoot me and my sister and brother in the head before it came so we wouldn't have to endure the pain of suffocation.
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Katrina 2014-10-19 00:28:28
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