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Dreams are usually made up of things that you saw the day before or things that you see every day, and as cliché as they are, doors appear all the time and their dream meaning is fairly wide and open ended but if you want to know what it means to dream of more specific door related symbols such as the doorstep, the doorway, the doorbell, or the door of hinges then these will all have strong implications about your life.

The doorstep is a place where you usually put a doormat and the doormat is the place where you can concisely convey your emotions on a single subject and set the entire tone for the house and for where you are. If you have a dream in which you are fixated on your own doorstep then this mean that you are trying to figure out the emotions that you are projecting to others. You are giving off a certain attitude and this dream is an attempt to let you know what kind of message you have been giving off to other people this time around. If you have a dream about the doorstep then try to read what the doormat says, because this is the emotion that you are giving off to other people and this is the impression others get when they meet you. If you have a blank doorstep or no doormat then this means that you are giving off no impression and if it is an artistic mat, but with no words then this means you are giving off vague impressions but you will have to interpret based on the style, what your impression you are giving off is.

If you have a dream in which you are going down a doorway then this dream means that you are considering all of the possibilities in life and the path that you are on in life. A door basically represents a path in life, so to examine the doorway means that you are taking your time trying to think of whether it would be a good idea to pursue this next particular goal or not. What are the pros and cons of staying in this path and where will it lead you as long as you continue? These are the questions you will have to answer as you examine the goal that you have in mind.

If you have a dream about a doorbell then whether you are ringing the doorbell or answering the doorbell will have the true significance for your dream. If you have a dream in which you are answering a doorbell then this means that someone has been trying to get your attention. To just hear the doorbell ringing and not answer it means that you have been ignoring the advances of someone. These advances do not need to be of a sexual nature, they are just trying to get your attention for some reason. They need you to give them your attention. If you are the one ringing the doorbell then this means that you are trying to get the attention of someone else in real life.

When you are dreaming about a door of hinges, this means that you are considering the plausibility of a plan that you have for your future. The doorway is the way to your future and the way to a new path. But however the hinges are what support this door. You do not want to go through a door with a damaged path or you might be setting yourself up for failure.
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