Dream Dictionary Dorm, Dormitory

Dream Dictionary Dorm, Dormitory

Many people go to college in America.

Dream Dorm, Dormitory
Dream Dictionary Dorm, Dormitory, What it Means When You Dream About Dorm, Dormitory, Dorm room etc

Whether they end up graduating with a degree or not, whether they end up saying in a dorm room, or living on outside campus housing, they will probably eventually come into contact with a dorm by relation of someone, but why would a dormitory be in your dreams? It certainly makes sense if you are a current college student, but what if you are not? If you would like to know the implications of what this dream might mean, then just keep reading to find out.

It does not help that the dorm is usually shared by someone else, usually one other person but sometimes up to 3 or 4 depending on the size of the college you go to and how much you are willing to cut back on in terms of payment. If you have a dream in which you are spending time in a dorm, dormitory, dorm room etc then this means that you feel like despite how comfortable your life has become and despite what you now know that you did not know before, you still feel like you need some space.

While the college dorm can be the height of your comfort in terms of freedom it can also mean that you feel too boxed in as well. Even though it seemed like freedom to you when you were still a teen or in your early 20’s, now that you are older and can look back on it, you realize just how restricted you were and how little freedom it really offered. Sure getting away from your parents and living on your own is great but it does not mean that you have accomplished anything really; all it means is that you have gotten out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Basically as far as dream interpretation goes, what it means is that you need space. The two biggest personal space monopolizers in the world are usually a cramped house, and a spouse. You can also feel like your time is being monopolized by your job and this is a valid reason as well. When you have this dream that you are living in a dorm room it usually means that you have just made a decision that could affect your life greatly and now you are wondering if it was the right one. Perhaps you chose a promotion that would force you to move somewhere else, but now that promotion is requiring you to do more work than you’re ready for and it is causing you to feel like you are not in the right place anymore.

Maybe your wife or husband has recently started demanding more of you and making you feel like you aren’t doing enough despite the fact that you are trying your hardest. You are really trying hard to get things done and yet you are being criticized from the peanut gallery. It can be frustrating and it can be tough, but you are going to have to suffer through it if you want to get anything of real substance accomplished. In order to get out of the position that you have gotten yourself into you’ll have to work through it, so settle in and accept your fate for the next few weeks/months/years.

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