Dream Dictionary Dormant volcano

Dream Dictionary Dormant volcano

Something which is not often seen in dreams is the idea of something being dormant, especially not a dormant volcano.

Dream Dormant volcano
Dream Dictionary Dormant volcano, The Dream Meaning Surrounding Dormant volcano, Dormant

Dreams are usually made up of complete extremes from one end of the spectrum or another. They all have some kind of explosion or insane parts that get really crazy and interesting. Most dreams do not involve subtleties such as a volcano that never explodes. Dreams usually keep to the rules of the Chekhov’s gun principle.

Behind the word dormant is the idea of power. If someone or something is lying dormant this essentially means that it is something of great power and strength, but it is restraining itself and essentially lying in wait until something happens and then it will unleash its fury and reach its full potential in no time. A hibernating bear might be described as dormant in some occasions. A dormant volcano is usually the most popular usage though.

A dormant volcano is a volcano that used to be active, it is a mountain that holds lava within it and could burst at any time but thanks to the miracle of nature, it is somehow being held at bay and being left alone. Mount Saint Helens was a dormant volcano and it was one of the biggest ones in the United States, but because it never erupted for hundreds of years, people just thought of it as a mountain, the danger seemed so negligible that people even built houses beneath it. They were not worried of the danger that it might pose because it seemed like it would be pointless to worry. Then of course it blew up and caused a lot of damage and hurt many many people.

If you have a dream in which you witness a dormant volcano or in which you are dormant in some way then this usually symbolizes the inner power that you hold. In order for this to happen though, something usually has to happen in your waking life which makes you feel weak and helpless. The more powerless you feel, the more powerful your dream will try to make you feel by trying to help you compensate. If you have a dream in which you are dormant it means that on the inside you still feel strong despite how weakly you are being treated, and it also means that one day you will need to burst out of that shell and show the world what you’re made of. Don’t cause damage and destruction like a volcano would, but showing your true power to others would help them get a good idea to leave you alone.

Don’t let yourself get pushed around. If you truly are strong on the inside and not a sniveling coward then you need to shoe this to your tormentors or they will continue to pick on you endlessly. Don’t reveal your weaknesses or else you will not be taken seriously. This dream is a sign to you that if you keep playing weak and if you keep coming off as weak, you are going to get picked on, but if you show that you are brave and that you can handle what the world throws at you, you will be able to persevere.

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