Dream Dictionary Double Bed

Dream Dictionary Double Bed

When you think of a double bed you imagine two beds but in reality the term double is meant to imply a bed that can hold two people.

Dream Double Bed
Dream Dictionary Double Bed, What it Means when You Dream all About A Double Bed

Whether that will be a comfortable fit for both of those people or not is debatable. However one important thing to note about the double bed is how it appears as a dream symbol.

The double bed is known as the double bed because it is about the size of two twin beds put together. It is just the right size for two people to sleep there and have a minimal amount of space allotted to each one, and it is also just a little too big for a single person to sleep there without feeling suffocated by the enormous size of the bed. If you have a dream in which you see double bed, this is a sign that a major change has recently occurred in your life and you are trying to make sure that you can adjust well to it. Right now it might take some time and you might have to try out a few new positions and new things in general, but soon you are going to have to step up and face the fact that your life is now new and different and you need to find a way to adapt before you get pushed out of your own life.

One of the possibilities of the dream meaning of a double bed is that you are thinking about the size of your own bed and whether it is comfortable or not. You feel like your bed could use some more room and you need to have more space. This dream could be triggered by your physical body not feeling enough room at the time or it could be a thought you’ve been harboring for some time.

An additional meaning behind this dream is that you want to have someone to share your bed with. Perhaps you are single and you feel like you’ve just been single for far too long and need a partner to share your bed with. This is one more possibility.

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