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Dough is made by a simple combination of ingredients and yet when heat is applied, the resulting mixture is something that cannot be made otherwise and would not be able to retain the same structure. Basically dough is a one of a kind ingredient that makes bread possible and without dough we would not have bread. A dream about dough might seem tricky to interpret but actually the more time you spend on it, the more sense it starts to make. Dough is symbolic of a lot of things but it is a great thing.

If you have a dream about dough it means that you are ready to be molded. You are probably in some sort of environment which requires you to pay attention to instruction and in which you are expected to perform a certain way. If you have a dream in which you see dough then this means that you are ready to be receptive and ready to learn whatever it is that you need to learn in this course. You will want to watch out though because sometimes it is not always a good thing to be easily molded. You don’t want others to know this either or they will attempt to rewire you so to speak. As much as teachers play an important role in education, one thing that they really desire to do is make little versions of themselves in the classroom. Even if you are not in a classroom and are just being told information by friends or what have you, most people have an innate desire to make you believe exactly as they do. You can still retain your individuality while being receptive. Remember that in the days to come.

If you have a dream about a doughnut then this means that you are thinking both about your weight and about your sense of pleasure. Doughnuts are known for being extremely delicious and enticing and yet they are also known for hurting you in terms of weight. This dream is trying to let you know not to go for too much of a good thing or you will end up being burned by it. It could also be a dream trying to indicate to you that it is time to pay closer attention to what you eat because you are beginning to take on unhealthy habits.
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