Dream Dictionary Down, Downhill, Downstairs

Dream Dictionary Down, Downhill, Downstairs

Even when we’re on a winning streak and going really well in life, you are destined to have all kinds of successes and failures and dips in popularity and your level of comfortableness in life, but if you dream of going down, downhill or dream of going downstairs it might have something to do with the way that your life is going right now along with a prediction for how it will go in the future.

Dream Down, Downhill, Downstairs
Dream Dictionary Down, Downhill, Downstairs, What it Means when You Dream About Down, Downhill, Downstairs

Going down is never a good thing in dreams. Down, in real life, as it has been so concisely summarized by bar graphs and line graphs tells us all that something bad is going to happen. It represents going from one place on high to another place that is considerably lower. It is a demotion, a decrease, a fall, going from a good spot to a bad one. Basically, going down in a dream in any way is a sign of going down in the real world in a more important way which is never a good thing. Perhaps you have just lost your job in real life or at your work you have had a title taken from you and given to someone else. Then this might be why you ended up going down in your dreams. If you have gotten a pay cut or you have lost a few friends and it seems like people like you less then this kind of thing might result in a dream of you going down in some way.

This downward progression the dream world is usually represented by going downhill in a car. Sometimes this takes place on foot too, but usually it is in a car. When this happens it means that something has happened to you to lower your status someway in real life but the true problem is the speed at which you are going down. If you have a dream where you are going down very slowly then this means that you are going down at a slow decline in real life too. You are headed won at a slow pace so this gives you more time to pick yourself up and start moving at a more acceptable pace. The slower you fall, the easier it is to stop yourself from falling and move yourself back up. If you have a dream that you are going down very fast and you are finding it hard to stop yourself then this means that you are spiraling downward out of control in real life too. You need to put all your effort into trying to get back up on top, or at least to recover. You can worry about getting back to where you were before at another time.

Going downstairs, as a symbol is known as just another way of going down in your dreams. To go downwards in your dream signifies a regression in some way. You were at one point strong and powerful but now you are weak again. If you have a dream in which you are going downstairs then this applies to your life too. You have probably just recently had a regression in your life too. Perhaps you were the head of a company and now you are all washed up and have nowhere to go. Maybe you were the head of a division and had a thousand people under you and you have recently been canned so that corporate could save a few bucks. Maybe you were an authoritarian mother or father and you were crestfallen after your child finally denied one of your orders and refused to do it. If any of these has happened to you then it just might be the reason that you are having these dreams of going downstairs. You were just recently at the top but now you’ve regressed and are just going lower and lower on the totem.

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