Dream Dictionary Down Syndrome

Dream Dictionary Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a debilitating disease and as much as people will try to tell you that it’s not in the interest of being politically correct, the fact is that it is an affliction and can be dangerous for people.

Dream Down Syndrome
Dream Dictionary Down Syndrome, The Meaning of Down Syndrome as Seen in Dreams

The people afflicted with Down Syndrome may go on to live full lives but they will probably not be happy because of all of the teasing that comes along with it and all of the poor treatment that you experience when you suffer from this disease.

If you have a dream in which you have down syndrome then this means something completely different. Usually this means that in a group of your peers you feel like the odd one out. The ideas that you want to contribute to the group are not as insightful as you would like and the way that they are received is not going well at all. You simply feel like you are left out a little bit and you don’t feel as smart as you want to come off here. The only cure for feeling this way is a lot of TLC and some great pep talks from your true friends. This will help you out a lot when you really need it.

A dream about Down syndrome can also mean that you feel like everything around you is getting too complicated and confusing. If you have Down syndrome in your head it means you have a desire to revert to simpler things and start worrying about things that don’t matter as much to you. You want to be able to relax for a bit and not allow the world to have such a strong grip on you.

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Ali 2018-08-04 11:52:04
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Down syndrome is NOT a disease. Do some research please.
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