Dream Dictionary Downpour

Dream Dictionary Downpour

A downpour is essentially just a rainstorm but in some cases it can be considered more than that or a stronger storm than that.

Dream Downpour
Dream Dictionary Downpour, What it Means When You Dream About Downpour

This is because of the way that downpours are handled on news programs and such. When you are going through a heavy bout of rain outside, the newscasters will generally refer to it as a downpour, while if you are going through a little bit of rain, the newscaster will just call it rain, or a shower.

If you have a dream where you are caught in a downpour then this means that you are depressed or that you have recently been depressed. If you don’t feel at all depressed yet then a dream about a downpour is a sign that you will start to soon because of something that has happened to you very recently. The rain is known for being a symbol of depression and sadness. This is why Washington is known as the most depressed state in the nation, because Washington is the one that gets the most rain. Rain can be nice and it can symbolize cleansing, but when it happens every day it usually starts to get old. It brings with it overcast skies which benefit nobody and an attitude which nobody likes either. Downpour means sadness.

This means that you are going through a tough period in your life, but you need not despair. There are a lot of reasons why you might be having these issues and one of them is that you are just too concerned about the future. You are thinking about all of the terrible things that have gone on in the past and worrying that they will happen to you in the future as well. Don’t be too worried there’s no need for this kind of fear.

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