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In many ways Dracula really still is a nightmare creature as his image is being constantly used over and over again by all kinds of different vampire fictions. But you will probably be surprised to know that he actually is not as big of a threat as he must have seemed in your dreams, at least in terms of how Dracula dream is interpreted. No doubt you’d lose in a fight with Dracula, good thing he isn’t real, and only seems to show up in dreams.

If you have a dream in which you see Dracula then this means that you feel like you have been sucking the life out of someone else or they have been sucking the life out of you. If you are always in their life creating constant drama out of nothing and making their life a living hell then this might explain why you are having dreams like this. You are all up in their business and only causing problems when you should be fixing them. If your friend is the one that is always creating drama and making your life so complicated over nothing then this means that you need to get rid of this friend, get rid of the source of unnecessary drama in your life because it is only leading to stress and bad dreams. You need to make sure that you sober up and start to make good decisions. If someone else is sucking the life out of you or you are sucking the life out of someone, you need to realize that the relationship is good for neither of you and you just need to give it up before one of you gets hurt, you’re only going to cause unnecessary stress for the both of you.
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