Dream Dictionary Drag Queen

Dream Dictionary Drag Queen

A dream of a drag queen can be a very difficult dream to sort through and to find the answer to it, it will take a great deal of work on your own part to think of ways that the various interpretations relate to your life.

Dream Drag Queen
Dream Dictionary Drag Queen, What it Means when You Dream of a Drag Queen

Te dream world has no shortage of drag queens and they all have a meaning.

If you have a dream in which you are admiring a drag queen then this usually implies that you are admiring how expressive of their feminine characteristics they can be. Even if you are born a man and you feel attracted mostly to women and see yourself as completely straight, you can still have times in which you need to express that feminine side of yourself. Everyone has a feminine side and a masculine side and sometimes you just need to let yours out to really be yourself, this is why you are admiring the drag queen in your dreams. The other option for dream interpretation where you are admiring a drag queen is that it means that you are admiring them because they are more open in general than you are. You don’t necessarily admire them for expressing femininity, you admire them for being flamboyant and for opening up in front of an audience, doing something that you or someone else might find very embarrassing.

If you have a dream where you are a drag queen then this means that you feel like you have done a good job recently of expressing your feelings. You have been very open about the way you feel and your emotions. You have been open as a person in general and this will serve you well.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Drag Queen

dorinda 2017-11-06 20:22:27
in my dream, I noticed that a male friend of mine was wearing a long silver gray seqinned, skin-tight cocktail dress. His face was expertly made-up.
The thing is that, one minute he was a male wearing men's clothes, & then suddenly out of nowhere,- wait, I think I turned away from him very briefly. So that when iwas facing him again - he haddon 'the dress'. I felt confused, disturbed and more than a little intrigued. So eventually I found myself gawping at his face, and still feeling somewhat confused but sort abit distracted by how unself-conscious he appeared - added to that he looked elegant and the dress fitted him sooo well. As I was observing his face, it morphed really quickly into a beautiful woman's face.

I had the feeling he was able to change at will.
I think he was trying to tell me, that is important to balance my male and female qualities.

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