Dream Dictionary Dragged

Dream Dictionary Dragged

It depends on the situation.

Dream Dragged
Dream Dictionary Dragged, What it Means when you Dream About Being Dragged, dragged out of bad, etc

Sometimes you can be dragged along so that you don’t have to do the work of walking, or you could be being dragged away by something scary. Either way, you are having dreams about being kidnapped or stolen away, or having dreams about being carried around because you are too lazy and this means important things for dream interpretation.

Being dragged is a far that a lot of people have to one extent or another. Nobody likes the idea of being dragged somewhere that they do not want to go, nor do they like the idea of being forced to do something that they don’t want to do. Being dragged literally also inspires fear because it might make you damage yourself or it might cause rug burn. People tend not to be too afraid of rug burn because they think it’s something that only happens to little kids, but the reality of the situation is this could not be more wrong. Adults get into this kind of trouble all the time and it could seriously get someone in trouble if they kept being dragged, medically speaking of course.

If you had a dream in which you were being dragged then this means that you feel almost manhandles to a point. You feel like you are being tugged to and fro to do things that you do not want to do. Of course this can be that very definition of dragged, dragged out of bad, etc where you feel like you are being forced into a corner and being told to do something that you did not want to do. You need to make sure that you do your best to only follow your own rules unless it is completely necessary. If you can get out of it though, and it seems like a drag, then do your best to get out of it. Nobody wants to be dragged anywhere or forced to do anything.

To dream that you are being dragged out of bed means that you feel like you are being forced to go somewhere before you are ready. Being dragged in general gives the impression that you would never want to do something that you are being forced to do it against your will. Dreaming that you are being dragged out of bed however seems to assume that you know what you want to do and you are willing to do it, you are just literally not prepared for it. You need to pay attention to these dreams because sometimes they have the eerie possibility of coming true. You might be dreaming of being dragged out of bed and then wake up to find out that your mother and father are forcing you to go to church or something similar to that, to some place that a lot of people would generally prefer not to go.

If you have a dream that you are dragging someone else it means that you feel like you are being a burden on the people around you and are forcing too many people to bend to your will and do things that only you want to do rather than considering that they might want to do something on their own. Sometimes it is best to listen to the ideas of others to see what they want to do instead of always coming up with the ideas on your own. Not everyone can be the idea man all the time and this dream is proof of that.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dragged

DH 2018-01-12 01:05:06
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I have had a few dreams they were all in different places. The strange thing happens when I am leaving each location once I get in the car I began to be pulled backwards, I press on the brakes trying to stop but I'm constantly being pulled backwards. I never get hurt and always manage to end up in a strange place. Anyone have any idea what I'm missing in this? Thanks
Sergio E 2017-11-03 09:33:40
👍 +2 👎
I dreamed i was in the middle of the desert in a mortorcyclye with my wife . Our drawers and bed were in the middle of now were and ibwent to get a bandana for her so when we take off . It was the middle of the night , everything was so dark . So im walking back carefully and i take out my phone and i try to turn on e flash and couldnt . So put the camera and recorded with flash . Just before pressing the button to record i felt this very hard pressure pulling me back from my waist band not letting me go anywhere . The pull got stronger and i started screaming . My wife had to wake me up because i was screaming in the middle of the night like i was havung a nightmare. .
Barrett 2017-08-14 05:50:12
I just had a dream about driving a rruck at work..the teuck seemed to lose control but I stopped it on the road before anything bad happened. Then after another driver took the truck over and returned us and the truck to the shop. I was questioned by someone about what happened. A guy from work was there and was saying that my speed is usually fast. After it was done I was outside the office at work. Trying to sgand up and remain concious. I could not fight it, my eyes couldnt stay open and I felt really, really weak. As I was trying to yell or even just talk to anyone to help. I tripped over some materials and while trying my hardest to just keep my eyes open, something started dragging me away. I then woke up..it felt so real. There are more details to this and I would like to talk further with someone about this. Im 36/M strong minded and healthy. I was not scared of anything in the dream but I did have absoulty no control at any part of it.
Paul a 2017-06-12 20:16:53
👍 -1 👎
Hi can anybody explain what it is to dream of a hand coming from a door and grab i g me as if tryin to pull me out of bed and when the hand grabbed me I lost my voice
Kalub 2018-08-28 08:41:36
👍 -1 👎
I literally had the same dream. I'm so shocked in fear because you had the same dream as me. No matter how loud you yell no one hears you. I had it more than once and that whats scares me because I don't want it to happen again
korben 2018-01-05 02:06:45
👍 +1 👎
I had the same dream im 15 now and i had it when i was about 11 and i remember i went to sleep in my moms bed because i kept waking up to a kid at the bottom of my room so i slept in my moms room and i felt i was getting dragged with my right arm and i was getting dragged towards my wardrobe as i got to the wordrobe door i opened my eyes looked up to my arm and nothing was there i was svcared so i punched out at whatever was pulling me and i lost my voice as soon as i punched out my arm dropped and i woke up in bed shaking really bad and almost felt like crying i remember very second and still confuses me worst thing i have ever dreamt of
Catalina 2017-03-29 07:16:05
👍 -5 👎
I had a dream that i was dreaming (i know, weird) that i was trying to fall asleep, then all of a sudden something dragged me by my feet almost off the bed and it stopped. I was so terrified i remember in the dream i was motionless and all i could do was scream for my mom or someone to help me. It is by far the worst dream i've had this week.
Phoebe 2017-01-11 10:16:46
👍 +1 👎
I have this reoccurring dream where I get our of bed and walk downstairs but there is a shadow on them so I step over it and when I get to the bottom its dark and the shadow drags me up, I wake up before I know if it was dragging me to safety or not I wake up...?
Emily 2017-01-05 20:36:23
👍 +7 👎
I had a dream where I was in bed and it was dark and then this shadowy figure appears in front of my bed and grabs me by my feet and starts dragging me off the bed I couldn't move or scream my arms and legs were frozen and the shadow just kept dragging me and out of the house I opened my mouth but nothing came out not a word or a scream, then I woke up and was trying to scream but nothing came out and I was paralyzed as well it was scary cuz u would once u woke up from such a dream u would be able to move but no my body wouldn't move even after I woke up and I still felt like there was something by my bed ready to make my nightmare come even more true once my body was able to move I couldn't go back to sleep for a while
Lori 2018-12-02 13:49:12
👍 +1 👎
I had almost the exact same dream last night. The only difference was I woke up before the thing pulled me off the bed. But word for word everything else. I'm incredibly stressed out and I think that's why. I hope we dont have it again.
Johnda 2018-02-16 09:20:03
👍 -1 👎
I had the same dream, more than once it felt like I could actually feel the bed sheets as I was being dragged out of my bed. I have a hole in my closet that leads to the attic that is where it kept trying to take me to, until one night i decided to try and stay calm and not wake myself up it stopped once it dragged me up my closet.. My suggestion is let it take you where it wants everyone is different but I have not had the dream anymore since then. Hope this helps
Anne-lise 2018-01-02 10:11:36
👍 -2 👎
I had the same dream, but i always get up and go back to my bed. When i finally opened my eyes, i was on my bed. I looked at the time, it was jist after three and was unable to sleep. I was horrified, but still got the nerves to tell whoever was bothering to "leave me the hell alone or else" when you show fear, they will smell it and continue on
Tell them forcefully to go and scare someone without problems. Hope that helped.
Brittany.R 2017-11-06 22:25:24
👍 -2 👎
I had the same kind of dream , I'm in college and I dreamt that they were at the head of the bed and they were pulling on me but I was having sleep paralisys and coudn't get up, however I dreamt it was a frind laying on the floor laughing..... I don't know what ths means and I could really use some help.
Caz 2017-05-31 23:00:04
I had the exact same dream, I couldn't scream and I was dragged across my hallway, I wanna know why I keep having these dreams
eun ji 2017-01-04 01:12:27
👍 -1 👎
i had a dream where something i dont know was pulling me in the corner of a dark room away from a slightly open door..
Mitchell branch 2016-07-22 10:07:38
👍 -4 👎
Every time i dream... i'm with a group of people. Preferably my mom and my brother. Somehow i walk away and something tries to pull me by me feet into a dark room. I don't know what the figure looks like at all. It grabs my feet and pulls me out from under myself and i land on my stomach and i get dragged almost into a pitch black room. I escape every time, but i need answers.
Jessica 2017-12-21 00:53:34
👍 -1 👎
I have had the same dreams for years !
Joel 2016-12-12 23:34:14
👍 +1 👎
I have the same dream, and my brother dreams the same too. It can be terrifying
Billnyethecipherguy 2016-07-01 10:38:44
👍 -1 👎
My head was pulled down into the pellow. The dream was going nice then suddenly i stopped and noticed a hand in the wall touched it and sunddenly was moving then a hand from behind wrapes around my eyes and i wake up felt pulled
SomePersonFromAsia 2016-10-26 06:04:08
We almost have the same experience. The one i have was normal too when it started out, then suddenly stop when i notice there were strange verbal noise coming from a wall. I tried listening too it, the voice got violently louder and some kind of force spun around my pillow, pinching my head then dragged me away. I woke up remembering the scene of the bed where i slept and being pulled backwards away from it. Strange thing was, i know the layout of the bed i was in, and there's suppose to be a wall above my head but i was continuously dragged through it. which freaked me out.
Rob 2016-04-28 20:32:57
👍 +3 👎
Just had a crazy dream. Started out feeling like a normal dream. There were people I knew and we were doing random crap. A normal dream. Then idk when but everything started getting loud and flashy. I felt the need to presence of something. Felt like I missed a step while walking up stairs or something. Then I felt like I was being dragged. I actually felt like I shit myself and I actually remember trying to push it out cuz it was the least of my problems. I was being dragged. Then I somehow snapped back into it. I was motionless in my bed. My tv that was off looked on and my phone that was off looked on. I felt motionless like I was strapped down. Then I opened my eyes. Everything was fine, my breathing was fine, my pants were fine. Nothing happened. Was it a random trip? I ate a lot before I fell asleep. Was that the trick?
emma 2016-03-26 17:37:10
👍 +4 👎
Two days ago i went to bed as normal. As i closed my eyes to sleep i felt that that i was being pulled backwards gales all around me. It was dark and things were flying past me. I felt totally out of control and that i was being pulled by something sinister. I managed to wake only to find myself back there again just before sleep. again woke myself up. What ever it was made me feel helpless and controlled. It really scared me
hary 2016-05-02 16:52:09
I also suffer the same experience last night, it's my first time to be pulled out from my bed in a dream, i was pulled toward the doorway and got slammed on the door because it was closed, after that I think the thing that dragged me even tried to strangle my body and I can't completely move, but then I prayed to God and after like 5-10 seconds I woke up in my bed. What do you think our dreams mean?
Lenny 2018-09-06 03:54:18
👍 -1 👎
I had Strangulation dream last week and I knew that it was something doing it but it was like air was there in my dream I wasn’t seeing nobody followed by three or four days later I had a dream of being drug down my foot up and down the hill upstairs I don’t know where I was but I wonder why it’s so common

:/ 2016-03-17 10:06:43
👍 +2 👎
I had a dream/idk wtf it was. I woke up in my room to the air being suck out of my lungs, I knew I was at least half awake because I could hear my dog snoring. I could see a little bit, it was hard to focus on anything and everything was swirling around. After the air had been sucked out of my lung the covers were ripped off me. I couldn't see anything there, then it grabbed my right leg and whipped me to the end of the bed like nothing(my ankle are need are sore today). I was only able to move neck, I push so hard until I rolled off my bed. It this point I could crawl so I crawled to my door and headed to the bathroom (there was a very small chair knocked over I've seen this in dreams before) I made it to my feet on the way and look at myself in the mirror until my vision was recovered. Then I woke up in my bed in the way I was laying when all this started.
Ashley* 2016-02-29 22:27:53
👍 -2 👎
I was 17 living with my parents and my 3 other siblings. I drempt one night I woke up in my bedroom (in my dream) in my bed, and all of a sudden I'm deing dragged by my feet out if my bed, down some carpeted stairs, I was screaming for someone to help me. Words were coming out of my mouth but noone could hear me. I looked to see who or what was dragging me but I couldn't see anything. I then ran to my parents room,then out if no where I heard some extremely loud booms. I didn't know what it could have been, I got in the floor thinking hey could have been gunshots or something, still wondering why my parents haven't woken up yet. I was screaming dad! Dad! Dad! He wouldn't wake up. I all of a sudden got dragged down the stairs again.and again I looked hut couldn't see anything. After that I closed my eyes and woke up it was morning. I was shaking and scared and didn't know how to react. I was terrified. I'm 24 now and still u wonder. What the f*ck
Brianna ballem 2016-03-29 13:07:32
👍 -4 👎
Message from Ashley*
I was 17 living with my parents and my 3 other siblings. I drempt one night I woke up in my bedroom (in my dream) in my bed, and all of a sudden I'm deing dragged by my feet out if my bed, down some carpeted stairs, I was screaming for someone to help me. Words were coming out of my mouth but noone could hear me. I looked to see who or what was dragging me but I couldn't see anything. I then ran to my parents room,then out if no where I heard some extremely loud booms. I didn't know what it could have been, I got in the floor thinking hey could have been gunshots or something, still wondering why my parents haven't woken up yet. I was screaming dad! Dad! Dad! He wouldn't wake up. I all of a sudden got dragged down the stairs again.and again I looked hut couldn't see anything. After that I closed my eyes and woke up it was morning. I was shaking and scared and didn't know how to react. I was terrified. I'm 24 now and still u wonder. What the f*ck

I had the exact same dream..except, everything stopped before it literally dragged me out of my bed, all I could see was something dark. It sacred the hell out of me. And a couple moments later I heard a noise too.
Chicki 2016-02-15 01:36:48
👍 -1 👎
I'm always having this dream I use to live in Hawaii now I'm bk in Nc when I was in Hawaii all I be dreaming bout is being dragged bk to my old house on McCormick st it seems scary I never see the person who is dragging me but what ever it is get me into my old house and be dragging me all around the house like I'm bout to get sucked in or something but I break away and see green trees or clear water I feel safe again....
Lori 2016-02-10 08:34:54
👍 +1 👎
I was half awake and half asleep and I was dreaming someone pulled me out or something and throwing me around my bedroom and abusing me couldn't scream or call out for help body was frozen. I don't understand what this means
Jordan 2016-02-17 15:46:01
👍 +3 👎
I just woke up from a dream very similar to this where my mind was "awake" enough to comprehend what was going on but I couldn't move or speak and something was dragging me around the house violently. I woke up terrified
Eugene C 2016-01-25 12:42:51
👍 -4 👎
I dreamed that i was sleeping and my father came home talking to someone (i livealone with my father ) in my dream i woke and went to the livingroom i saw my father was sitting alone i asked him who are you talking to ? Then right at that moment a tall black figure passed me by and enterred my fathers room . And my father answerred me its grandma go mgreet her but my grandma died years ago then the lights in my father rppm went on .i went to see who was in the room when i was standing in front of my fathersroom door a tall white man with white hair and glasses appeared in front of me . The tall figure grabbed me by my whrists and dragged me to the livingroom he grabbed me so hard that couldnt get his hands from my whrists i asked the tall figure what do you want he pointed at my dad , strangely my father was laying on the livingroom floor when the tall figure let on of my whrists loose to piont at my dad i took a swing at him he suddenly dissapeared that i swung at nothing znd lost my balance and fell beside my dad that was laying on the floor. Before i could react to standup the tall figure appeared suddenly sitting on my chest i tried to move and scream to wake up my dad but couldnt move or scream i kept fighting because the tall figure was very heavy on my chest that i began loosing breath and then suddenly he dissapeared and i suddenly woke up in the living room where a fell and my dad was laying beside me . This is not a SP i think because i went to sleep in my own bedroom and my father was sleeping in his bedroom . Can someone explain me this
Lauren 2015-12-08 12:12:30
👍 +1 👎
I was in bed half asleep, then I heard something banging downstairs.. Which was impossible as nobody was awake. I pulled the cover over my ears but it didn't stay... Then wind blew me in the face and moved my hair I was being pulled into another room like being transported. I heard something about s little girl.. I knew I was dreaming at this point and tried to wake up but she kept pulling me up until I was in the big empty room. I was finally allowed to wake.. When I did I felt like someone was in the room still I got scared and woke my partner.. The presence didn't go away until light was found and I saw nothing was there.. Any theory's as I'm now scared out of my mind!
Amanda 2015-11-12 02:26:31
👍 +3 👎
I dreamed i was being dragged away by my parents from my happy place.
Katie 2015-06-19 09:00:17
👍 +7 👎
I dreamt that I was being pulled out of by something I couldn't see. I woke up afraid. After falling back asleep, I dreamt something (again that I couldn't see) was grabbing my arm. It was trying to rip the stuffed animal that I was clutching. I called out to my mom. She came in and was laughing at me, then my deceased cat jumped on my bed. That was when I knew I was dreaming. But when I forced myself awake, my arm was so sore.
What the crap does that mean??
Amy 2015-06-06 18:13:00
I had this dream where I was in a dark room with lit candles and I was with a group sitting in a circle, where this purple energy force grabbed my hand and starting dragging me away. I tried to scream but it muffled my voice. I was so scared that I closed my eyes and then I woke up.
Nikki 2015-06-04 00:26:36
👍 +9 👎
I had a dream were I was talking to a friend that passed away, and something pulled me away from her, and swung me about my bedroom and I could see my boyfriend lying in bed below me and I couldn't scream to him. I then woke up, what could this mean?!
Laurin 2015-04-29 10:24:19
👍 -1 👎
I had a dream that an evil seeming woman spirit was dragging me out of bed and I want my mom to see that she was trying to hurt me. Later in the dream I was laying in the hall realizing how real what just happened to me was (even though it was just a dream) and I felt hopeless. I was dragged back to my bed by the woman and I was calling out to my mom to tell her what happened while kind of wanting to cry and she had a humorous attitude about it which made me think she wouldn't believe me.
wtf was that 2015-04-17 16:22:03
I had dream in which me and my brother were standing near the door in the yard(we live in a house) which leads to the street outside.I was holding the handle and my brother was a few steps back. it was night and everything was quiet and I decided to open the door...after I opened it I saw a bunch of people infront of it which I didn't know in real life and in the center was a woman (unknown too) which said to me something like ''it won't be that easy...'' and suddenly all of the people with her grabbed my right arm and started pulling me towards them.I tried to push them away, I even tried to hitting them but to no avail... and i woke up sweaty and shaking..

eliza hernandez 2015-03-15 23:41:56
I just had this dream where i was in this ancient old place with a friend of mines,at first there was some little burning candles that fell on me it didnt burn me,then i heard a baby crying in the room wich me as a dumbass i went to check if it was really there,then all of a sudden i was being dragged away by some dark figured man ,my head kept bumping on the wall .I heard him say something but i didnt heard him proberly,his voice wasnt intimadating or evil it was just weird.My heart was beating so fast however i wasnt as scared because this is the second time i dream about being dragged but both of these times i forced myself to wake up
Kelsey 2014-08-08 05:21:53
I woke up from a nightmare once where I was sleeping in my room with my sister (her and I shared it) and I was on my loft bed and she was down below on her matress. All of a sudden, I woke up and there was an old style of regular box TV that we had never had in our room was all staticy and loud. My sister was up and just staring up at me creepily. I looked over and my father was staring at me in my open bedroom door and the lights from the static carried on into the Hall and all throughout my room, giving off an eerie illuminating blue glow. I all of a sudden my father shouted my name loudly and pointed at me. I screamed and then suddenly, I was dragged down from my bed and the ladder, through the Hall as my father watched and smiled, and into my living room where the TV there was also static and loud. It was quite terrifying and can't shake it.
Talula 2014-07-03 16:28:13
👍 +5 👎
What does it mean to be dragged by a cat and then the tail rips off and you detach yourself from it.
Confused Dreamer; Vanessa 2014-06-11 20:31:26
👍 -1 👎
I just woke up from a dream where I don't really know where I am or who I'm with but what I do know is someone is trying to pick us off one by one. So when I notice a girl being dragged by her ankles by air, I immediately jump towards her and grab her arms by her elbows to get a good grip. I tell her to grab onto me arms like I had hers and she does. We both are facing one another freaking out because we're being dragged for quick a while until whatever it is finally lets her legs go. We quickly sit up still holding each other and start hugging. She thanks me for saving her and than the dream shifts. I am also a girl if that matters. Oh after the shift I was telling my mother about how I saved the girl but she was angry about it and wouldn't tell me why.
sarah 2014-02-09 22:17:40
👍 +7 👎
I have this horrible reoccurring dream where I'm being dragged down a huge hill in the woods by a huge black shadowy figure (I think it's a man) by my hair and on a blanket.. I can't breathe or move or speak. I feel as if I know the man I wake up screaming and gasping for air. It's so real it almost makes me think it happened in the past or is going to happen (I cannot remember any of my childhood almost, only stories others have told me). The woods in the dream even seem familiar. I have had this dream Atleast once a month for the last 5 years. It seems like a really long dream going down the hill without being able to breathe and as soon as in my nightmare that I think I've lost all ability to breath I wake up, FREAKED OUT.

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