Dream Dictionary Dragon, Dragon attack

Dream Dictionary Dragon, Dragon attack

Dragon is known for being mythical since it doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

Dream Dragon, Dragon attack
Dream Dictionary Dragon, Dragon attack, The Dream Definition of a Dragon, dragon attack, dragon head, dragon wings or dragonfly

If you have a dream in which you see a dragon, a dragon attack, a simple dragon head, dragon wings, or even a dragonfly, then it can have some very important repercussions and meanings.

A dragon is a fearsome creature in books and in stories as well as video games and movies. In many ways a dragon is painted as something that is to be feared and yet at the same time they are also treated as if they are supposed to be admired. The dragon can be scary and it can also relate to many cultures, from Nordic to Chinese, the dragon seems to take a place in all of them as a creature of reverence, despite the fact that no such creature as a dragon at least the way they are depicted now, ever existed on this earth. What does it mean when you have a dream about a dragon? Well, since a dragon is something that is both feared and respected, if you were to have a dream about a dragon then this might be something that you feel close to. You like the idea of being both feared and respected. However this is something that bullies really like as well, so be aware that when you are wishing for things like this, you take into account the fact that you may very well just be turning into a bully when a dream of a dragon holds a lot of appeal for you.

If you have a dream of a dragon attack then this means that you are scared of bullies. You are probably of school age and have not been treated to well recently by your school peers. A lot of bullying comes from gym class so perhaps this is where you were forced to suffer while others made fun of you, this is quite possible. Maybe you had a dream in which you saw a dragon head. A dream about a dragon head would mean that you had all of the fear inspiring looks as well as the respect of a dragon without anything to back up that reasoning for why you would be giving off this signal. You do not think that you are actually all that qualified to be respected or treated so well but because of some freaky stroke of luck, this is the way you are being treated. Don’t take it for granted, just be lucky that things are going so well for you lately, it’s all you can do to be appreciative of what you’ve just been handed by life. You are lucky to be in the position that you are in right now.

If you have a dream of a dragonfly then this means that you have all of the respect that a dragon has, but rather than inspiring fear in people, you have gained this respect by cunning and this is what got you where you are today. Be appreciative. The dragonfly is a majestic creature and you are destined for success if you dream of it. You are a great person and you deserve it.

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