Dream Dictionary Drama

Dream Dictionary Drama

Drama is quite literally a very serious subject. Drama is an umbrella term that is used to refer to all of theater, including comedy.

Dream Drama
Dream Dictionary Drama, The Meaning of a Dream About Drama

A drama is a serious business and not just anyone has the ability to act well in it or to put up with it well, even when dreams are the location of all this action. When it is more carefully scrutinized, it is essentially a genre of literature or film, or play that goes through the motions of the everyday life of someone or a group of people and all of the problems they get into without any laughs to back it up like comedy might have.

To dream that you are the actor in a drama means that you feel like you wish you were someone else, but hopefully this dream will have the effect of letting you realize that nobody else’s problems are better than yours. At least your own problems you have some context with and some connection with. To get sucked into the problems of another would not count as any form of escapism, it would just be taking you away from your world and thrusting you into a world just as complicated if not more so.

Drama is just a fact of life, something that everyone must deal with and something that you cannot get around. When you go through a dramatic period you have to realize that you are not making your problems any better for yourself. Essentially a dream about drama should provide a brief form of escapism for you but by the end of the dream you should be left wondering if it wouldn’t be better to just tick with your own problems and tough it out for a while. This might be the best goal for you in the end.

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