Dream Dictionary Drawbridge

Dream Dictionary Drawbridge

Drawbridge is a bridge which is attached to a castle that is usually surrounded by a moat.

Dream Drawbridge
Dream Dictionary Drawbridge, The Dream Meaning of a Drawbridge

When you want to let a person in you let down the drawbridge and then you pick it back up when they enter. In this was a medieval society were able to easily keep out intruders and only let in those they trusted. A drawbridge is thus, a rich symbol for interpretation.

To dream of a drawbridge means that you have opened yourself up to someone new, but you are prepared to shut yourself down soon at any moment. You are ready to just close things and get rid of them despite the fact that you are trying to open yourself up. It means that you are not truly ready to make friends with someone just yet, so don’t pretend that you are right now.

A drawbridge is a perfect symbol for a human that has full control of their heart and soul so it is a great thing if you see this in your dreams. This is because the entrance to the castle symbolizes your own heart. To have a dream in which you are letting down or bringing back up a drawbridge, this means that you are in full control of who you let in and out of your life. You have complete control over your own destiny. The only thing for you to watch out for is you need to make sure that you don’t wait too long checking someone out before you let them in because they may leave before you finally open up and they could have been important to you. It is great that you can control yourself so well, but you shouldn’t let it deter you completely.

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