Dream Dictionary Dressing room, Dressing up, Dressing down

If you have a dream about a dressing room it means that you are thinking about all of the different ways that you have appeared to others. You feel like there have been a lot of instances in which you have come off one way or another to different people. In many cases this is what people do every single day. You do not necessarily have to prescribe to one personality or one type that you belong to, but this dream does mean that it has been getting to you. If you have been trying in a lot of different outfits on in the dream it means that you are embracing these different personality types. This is not the worst thing in the world but you should be more conscious of what you are doing if you hope to stay true to yourself. If you left most of those outfits alone it means that you were staying true to yourself and this is how you have been handling yourself normally recently. You are very responsible and you know just how to handle yourself in this situation.

If you have a dream in which you are dressing up or dressing down it means that you are either putting on airs or taking them off. You are adorning a new costume to try and be a new person, or you are peeling off all of those pretenses and being who you really are instead of eschewing that to be someone else. If you have a dream of dressing up or dressing down it can also mean that you feel like you are naked in that you have been too vulnerable recently.
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