Dream Dictionary Drive shooting, Drive-by, Drive thru

Dream Dictionary Drive shooting, Drive-by, Drive thru

One of the worst things that can happen in life is a drive shooting or what is also knows as a drive-by, in which the driver of the car comes past a house and shoots it up with guns.

Dream Drive shooting, Drive-by, Drive thru
Dream Dictionary Drive shooting, Drive-by, Drive thru, What it Means When You Dream About Drive shooting, drive-by, Drive thru

This is different than a drive thru which is just where you get food at a restaurant.

A dream about a drive shooting means that you are going to have to deal with a lot of hullabaloo. In reality these dreams can be quite scary sometimes and if you have one you might startle yourself into having a negative reaction. Obviously a dream such as this would not normally result in a positive reaction but it is still worth pointing out that a drive shooting can seriously alter your perception of the world and your attitude if you do not act responsibly and realize how little it really does matter to your life. Because as amazing and insightful as dream interpretation can be sometimes and as insightful as your own interpretation of your dreams can be in the end it does not mean that you are going to suffer a drive shooting or that you will go on a drive shooting either.

If you have a dream in which you go through a drive shooting it just means that you feel like you are in danger. You may have done something to anger someone recently or perhaps you have done something illegal and haven’t gotten caught yet. This is also quite possible. In all honesty your mind is probably overreacting. There is probably no good reason for you to think that you are literally going to be attacked in a drive shooting. If this were ever a real concern that you needed to worry about, you might want to consider changing your lifestyle, finding some new friends, or seeing what the local police can do for you because this is not normal behavior.

If you have a dream in which you are the one that is doing a drive-by it means that you are feeling particularly angry towards someone. Generally even a terrible person can feel pretty safe in their home because they should be able to just come home to comfort and not actually have to worry about what will happen to them one day unless they are the most evil people of all. Perhaps you are angry with this type of person in real life, but no matter the case, it goes without saying that resorting to violence is always a terrible idea and is not something that you should ever seriously consider.

If you have a dream about a drive thru it means that you are worried about all of the choices that you have to make in life. A drive thru will present you with all kinds of different choices you can pick from and a lot of people spend a lot of time (more time than necessary) hanging out in these areas searching for what food to eat. However because this is dream interpretation these choices are not actually related to food, but what you want to do in life. The more possibilities you have ahead of you, the longer you will spend there in the dream.

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T 2015-06-30 19:03:10
Okay I was in the house with my family and the door was cracked to where I can kind of see outside. The door have a screen door and also a wooden door so the wooden door is open a little but the screen is locked. So this white car pulls up and starts shooting and I tell my mom to get down and the guy gets out and starts coming up trying to shoot in the house and the dream ended.The guy didn't have a machine gun just a single shooter. It happened at night not during the day.
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