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If a storm hit and you were driving a bus, you could end up driving off road, or if you were going on a long trip for a while you could end up driving a van asleep and getting yourself into some major dangerous trouble. You don’t want to hurt yourself by getting yourself into these dangerous situations but even if you do not do them in real life they may still occur in dreams.

If you have a dream that you are the one who is driving a bus then this means that you are probably in charge of a few people or at least you feel like you are in a bit of a leader position lately. You want to lead people in a good direction but you are not sure if you are doing it correctly.

If you have a dream about driving a van it means that you are committed to maintaining a community atmosphere. A van is a mode of transportation just like any other, but one of the most important things about it is that the van is known for being a mode which many people utilize at once. Therefore if you are the van driver, you are the one that is committed to making sure that you foster a sense of community and friendship among your peers. If you have a dream in which you are n a van it means that you are a willing participant in a community activity. Essentially you either want to make new friends or you are trying to make it easier to make friends.
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Melisa whyte 2015-05-24 20:02:21
I am in love and I am the person that's taking control of my life.i am looking in getting my own business very soon

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