Dream Dictionary Driving a car

Dream Dictionary Driving a car

Driving is something that all cultures do just about and the car is an invention which has taken over the world.

Dream Driving a car
Dream Dictionary Driving a car, What it Means when You Dream About Driving in car, Driving a car

Because of its prevalence it is not hard to imagine why a person might be dreaming of it all the time. For example, psychology tells us that if there is something which you have been doing a lot lately then you will be so consumed by it that it will make sense for it to pop up in your dreams now and again. This is just the way it works. If you think about something often enough then the subject becomes so important that you are always thinking about it and then it will show up in your dreams. However psychology also tells us that when our minds are so consumed by something on such an often basis, we often don’t even think about them. As it turns out, walking down a familiar path, your eyes are only taking in about ten percent of what you’re actually seeing and your mind is filling in the rest for you. Without getting too off subject here, basically when you get in a car and drive so often, you probably wouldn’t dream about it.

Whether we are the ones driving or whether a friend, taxi driver, or friendly neighborhood bus driver is the one getting us to and from our destination, our relationship with driving cannot be ignored and certainly can’t be underplayed at all. Sometimes if you do something a lot, you will dream about it, which may offer one reason for why you might be dreaming of driving in car.

As previously stated, whenever you do something a lot, it becomes a part of your daily routine and thus you are going to be spending a lot of time thinking about it. If you have a dream in which you are driving in car, you might just be thinking about it because you do it so often. However by the same token, psychology proves that sometimes you can do something so much that it has the opposite effect. Rather than convince you to continue thinking about something that you do very often, because you do it so often it will start to seem like second nature to you, and you still start to pay less attention to it. In this case a dream about driving in car would have a special significance to you and this is important to note.

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