Dream Dictionary Driving drunk, DUI

Dream Dictionary Driving drunk, DUI

You could be out of your mind and get a DUI, etc.

Dream Driving drunk, DUI
Dream Dictionary Driving drunk, DUI, What it Means to Dream of Driving drunk, DUI, etc

You could get lost while driving or have your car spin out of control while driving drunk. In fact you probably dream about this happening all the time, but if this is the case and you do dream about these things, there could be a little more to it.

Driving while inebriated and driving unsafely are actually activities that are on the minds of people more often than you’d think. It is a common fear that causes people to go out and drive drunk. Many people think that the reason that people drive drunk is because they are so drunk that they are out of their minds and don’t even know what they’re doing. That if they were to go to bed then they would wake up and not remember even a bit of the night before, they are not themselves. Of course as it turns out the reason that people drive drunk is of course affected by their level of intoxication, if you were not intoxicated, you couldn’t be driving intoxicated now could you? However, the real reason a lot of people are so motivated to go out and drive drunk is because of an unconscious peer pressure or out of convenience. A person wants to be able to just have everything in order the next day. Is a night of drinking really worth it if it means that you need to leave your car behind and then come get it the next day after busing home? Is it also really worth it to be laughed at for being the one person who is not driving themselves home after drinking? People do not like being made fun of or feeling like they are being made fun of. This is just a fact.

But what does it mean when you dream of driving drunk, dui, etc? Well it means that you are worried about what your friends think of you, but even worse, you are currently of a mindset that would allow you to make horrible mistakes and even put people in danger in order to protect people’s perception of you and make sure that you are not being made fun of.

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Alex 2017-06-22 05:32:11
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Had a dream that I got a new to me car with bad breaks. Try to get gas at a gas station then a cop arrests me and I get locked up for DUI. Shitty dream I've been thinking about all day.
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Bob 2015-07-09 08:05:53
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i concur with Tyler. Whomever wrote this article may have been under the influence.
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Tyler 2014-09-19 13:18:13
↑ +4 ↓
This reminds me of a junior high term paper. It's mostly nonsense fluff introduction. Oh well I'm the one that had a crazy dui dream and googled it.
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