Dream Dictionary Driving in snow, Driving ice

If you have a dream that you are driving in snow, this usually means that there are a lot of unforeseen changes in your life that are bound to take place soon, some that you are not sure how to approach just yet, but you will soon be tasked with finding a way to deal with them and it is important for you to keep a level head and make sure that you try your best to see as far ahead of you as you can. Foresight could save your life. A little foresight could save you a lot of trouble here.

If you have a dream where you are driving ice this can mean that you feel like you aren’t the one that is choosing your own path. There is a certain path that you know you need to go down, but your progress this far has been unsteady and unsure and you have constantly been curving, threatening to veer off course. Well, the very fact that you’re having this dream at all is proof that you should continue on this path because it will lead you to good places. You are in fact on the right path and as long as you stick to it, good things will come to you.
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