Dream Dictionary Driving off cliff, Driving off bridge

If you have a dream in which you are driving off cliff, then this means that you feel like you’ve had enough. Something has really been bothering you and you’re so sick of it that you just feel like driving off a cliff and ending it all. This is a bit melodramatic, but it is the way you feel and that is what’s happening right now.

If you have a dream about driving off bridge then this means that you should seriously consider all of your options out there and think of the different ways that you can avoid stressful activity. Your mind and your daily life has been inundated with stress and you are not handling it as well as you should be right now. There is a better way to handle all of the information that you’ve been taking in recently and this is not it. Driving a car in your dreams off a bridge can mean dark and sinister things in your future if you do not make adjustments.
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Leigh 2017-10-23 14:43:03
I dreamed I lost control of my car and drove off a bridge. As I was falling, I rolled my window down. I hit the water and as the car sank, I unbuckled and swam to shore. And I lay there wet and gasping for air, I realized my beloved dog Stella had been in her pet carrier trapped in the back seat and was now dead.

I woke up gasping for air

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Sophie 2017-04-19 07:14:29
Hi, so last night for the first time I had a dream about driving off a bridge into the river. I'm always telling my boyfriend to stop speeding and driving silly while I'm in the car as it scares the hell out of me.. the dream was he was driving and I was the passenger and we was going round a sharp bend, on the bridge and he lost control and the whole window just went white and I couldn't see anything. Then I opened my eyes (in my dream) and I could just feel water and see it coming into the car panaking I was going to drown. Then I woke up.. what does this mean? I haven't stopped thinking about it all day. It's freaking me out

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