Dream Dictionary Driving on water, Driving through water, Driving into water

You usually cannot spend too much time underwater or you will cause yourself to be in great danger. Driving through water is not something you do on an average day, which makes its inclusion as dream material one of the only viable options for it.

Driving on water is usually something that you only see in super spy movies, at least when the vehicle driving on water is a car. As it turns out, it is possible for some small lightweight cars with a good balance and a fairly fast engine can glide on the surface of water for a short time, but it does not mean that they will be able to go through just about everything, it takes a whole lot more skill than that. If you have a dream about driving on water though it means that you feel like you are a secret spy, you have probably just done something really cool in real life. You feel like you are worthy of note and that you deserve some recognition for all of the hard work you have been putting in recently. You are a maverick and you want people to notice you for that.

If you Have a dream about driving on water but you are just doing it in a boat or in a vehicle that was meant for the water then this has to do less with the actual vehicle you are using and more about the water itself. Water represents emotion and feeling and if you are driving over it or navigating it well, it means that you are handling your own emotions very well, you know yourself better than anyone else and you know how you will be able to handle things. You know how it works and this is what is important. Basically, you have probably been going through some rough times recently and yet despite that you have been doing some really responsible things and you know what’s going on. You know how to handle yourself and you know yourself better than anyone else which is a skill that a lot of people only wish they had. Most people only wish they had that level of objective self reflection.

If you have a dream that you are driving through water it means that your emotions are extremely deep and multifaceted, deep enough that they might be hard to pin down, so if someone asked you how you felt, it wouldn’t be so easy to just say “sad” or “happy” because there is a lot more to it than that for you which is perfectly understandable. Of course this dream meaning is the one that makes the most sense if when you are driving through water it means that you are in a submarine or some kind of vehicle that is meant to navigate through the water while actually being underwater.

If you have a dream in which you are driving into water headfirst it probably means that you are not as in control of yourself as you thought, you are letting your emotions get the best of you and overtake you despite boasting about having so much control over them.
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Ray 2016-11-17 01:59:43
Had a dream and old red truck I had I was using as a boat. I got in the floating truck but forgot something. My girlfriend got in the boat by herself and the water got choppy and boat almost sank.

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Kelly 2016-10-16 23:36:04
I had a dream about driving into a big deep pond then I sat in the back of a police car whilst they explained to my mum what happened then the car I was sitting in started to roll in to the big deep pond again WHAT DOES IT MEAN

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Reed O'Connor 2016-07-13 09:07:55
I had a dream that I was in my 4x4 Chevy and I was on a bridge crossing a body of water but for some reason part of the edge wasn't covered so I drove off and I could feel myself falling in my car. It felt like I jumped off a cliff or something. It was so scary but when I hit the water I treated the situation like it was real life because I thought it was. When my car hit the water it hurt. And I waited for the car to completely fill up with water and I then opened the door and swam up. Felt so real. Can anyone relate ?

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Autumn A. 2016-02-17 18:15:42
I had this dream where I was on a bus with the kid that I go to school with, and there was a substitute driver, and he was really old. We were going on a field trip, which I went to the Art Museum today for real. Anywau, he had to take a sharp turn beside a huge lake or pond, and we all slid into the pond because he didn't stop and use the breaks. Next thing I know I was underwater and some of my friends were pulling my foot trying to get above water, while I was trying to pull myself out of the water. I had this fear so big that I was about to drown because some of my friends were trying to also survive by pulling me under them. Anyway, I had managed to rescue all of the students, and no one drowned to death. But some of the students found a hidden cave while they were swimming to safety.

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k love 2016-05-05 06:15:34
Hmm. I wonder what the "field trip" idea symbolizes. I also had this dream ( VERY similar to yours). But I've been out of school for years so i definitely didn't go on a field trip recently. Lol That's very strange. Anyone have any suggestions of what this may mean ?.

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Morgan 2015-07-01 20:48:28
I've had two dreams dealing with cars and water. One being that my mom was driving and we were going over a bridge and there's already a huge gap in the middle of the bridge with water police and others underneath in case a car were to fall. But we never fell. We always sped up to get the jump over the bridge, but the second our car begins to land on the other side, I wake up. This dream always leave me feeling scared and tense. Can anyone help me better understand what this means?

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ReapR 2015-05-22 16:01:39
I had the most odd dream. I awoke shaking all over and relieved that it was just that, a dream. In the dream me and my husband were at this lake and were in this huge 4x4. He was driving. We were going over land when he decided it would be fun to drive through that lake. He stayed at the edge of the land for a long time then decided to go right down the middle. I remember the rumbling/gurgling sound of the engine and the water being up to the glass of the vehicle. I was screaming for him to turn around before we sank but he kept going. The fear I felt in that dream was tremendous. It went suddenly from me being in that truck to me riding in the back of a station wagon with a unfamiliar family and me looking down from a bridge at my husband driving across the lake. Such a weird dream!!

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ashaboo 2014-12-09 16:26:50
I had a dream of driving on top of water in a big truck.never going down in water just riding. on water like a jet skee

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