Dream Dictionary Drizzle

Dream Dictionary Drizzle

Whether you are partial to the rain or not is not a factor in determining whether or not a dream about drizzle is depressing.

Dream Drizzle
Dream Dictionary Drizzle, All of the Dream Meanings Behind the Symbol of Drizzle

What is a factor is the idea that, much like the word draft, the word drizzle has an automatically negative connotation. If you like rain, you want a full blown storm, and if you don’t like rain then a little drizzle on a nice day might just be called a sun shower. To dream of drizzle and to think of it as drizzle in your own mind holds a negative connotation though.

If you have a dream about drizzle it means that you are thinking about how temperate your life has become. It seems like there are a few small changes coming your way soon. They will not be life altering and you seem to have already come to a satisfactory standstill so to speak when it comes to the level of activity in your life, but there will still be some changes that are going to affect you one way or the other. This is your destiny and you should learn to accept it because it is coming up soon for you in the future.

Drizzle can also mean that something generally depressing is happening to you right now or you are going through a generally depressing period in life. This is more likely than any other interpretation might tell you since like it or not, drizzle are something that nobody really likes. As hard as a person might try to appreciate the rain, nobody can ever appreciate drizzle because at best it is a minor annoyance. This gives off the idea that something bad is happening to you right now and it’s a harbinger of only worse to come. Don’t expect to be having a lot of fun in the next few days, because you are going to have to be dealing with a lot of stress and unhappiness. This is the problem with dreams about drizzle; they are so hard to appreciate.

Drizzle as a dream symbol can also mean that you are experiencing a slight overflow of drama in your life. This does not have to be drama that negatively affects your life necessarily but it does mean that you are surrounded by a little too much drama for your liking lately. Normally what this means is that friends have been just a little too liberal with how much they share about their own lives with you and how hard it can be for them to live their own lives. It is healthy and a good and friendly thing to do to allow people to share their issues with you and to help them work through them if possible, but it is not healthy at all to bite off more than you can chew. If you give a sad person and inch, they will take a mile and begin to make things generally more difficult for you than they need to be. Hopefully you are able to overcome this rough patch and in the future, whether you asked for them to tell you their problems or not, you need to be more liberal with what you say. If they are getting on your nerves or you feel overloaded, then don’t hesitate to tell them, otherwise how will they know what they are doing to you or how negatively it affects you.

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