Dream Dictionary Drought

Dream Dictionary Drought

A drought is what happens when all the water runs out of an area.

Dream Drought
Dream Dictionary Drought, All Dried Up: What it Means to Dream of a Drought

This is usually over a wide area too. For example of the water levels in a city were very low, then they would be going through a drought. If the soda in the bottom of your mountain dew can evaporated in the sun when you left it outside the other day, this does not mean that you are going through a drought.

There are quite a few reasons why you might dream of a drought. A drought is the absence of water, where the land goes without water for so long that the greens become brown and the shrubbery turns brittle with lack of water and from age. If you have a dream in which you are suffering through a drought, the best way to find the real interpretation of it is to find out what water symbolizes in dreams and this, be able to determine what it means when you dream of the absence of water in the dream world. If you have a dream in which you are going through a drought it means that you are without emotion and you feel like it has been quite some time before you have expressed your most inner and passionate emotions.

You have all of this energy built up inside you, all of these feelings just waiting to escape but you can’t seem to find the right time or it just isn’t working out for you. Well if you have a dream of a drought this means that it is time for you to have a good cry and let the world know how you’re feeling. As socially awkward as it can be, sometimes its healthier to let it all out than it is to bottle it up all the time.

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