Dream Dictionary Drowning Baby

Dream Dictionary Drowning Baby

If you have a dream about a drowning baby, child then you need to think about how much attention you have been paying to delicate matters recently.

Dream Drowning Baby
Dream Dictionary Drowning Baby, The Definition of a Dream About Drowning Baby, Drowning Child

A baby is something that needs to be constantly watched over. Even when it is time for it to take a bath, you are the one that needs to take the child and bathe it yourself because otherwise it will not be able to function. You will have to take care of it or else it will run the risk of drowning. To see a baby drowning in your dreams means that you have been given a lot of different responsibilities to attend to recently but you haven’t been able to make good use of them and you haven’t been paying as much attention as you should have. If you keep up this attitude and negligence you could seriously end up hurting yourself or someone else.

A baby is also thought of as your own sense of innocence and of childlike ways especially as a dream symbol. In many cases the child is thought of as a representation of that childlike spirit within yourself. To dream of drowning this child could either be a good or bad thing depending on how you’ve been carrying yourself recently. If you’ve been acting very childish and have not been mature about matters recently and you see yourself drowning a child in your dreams then this signifies that you are ready to move on from that childish line of thought and that kid-like line of thought. However a lot of people spend their entire adulthood trying to recapture that sense that sense of play that they give up in their childhood and it would be terrible to undermine that search that you are probably going through by destroying that part of yourself entirely. Don’t let this happen to you or you might never be able to reclaim that childlike sensitivity and sense of play.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Drowning Baby

Marianne 2018-11-16 13:37:08
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I had a horrible nightmare about my youngest daughter (4 yo) drowning in the pool. My oldest son and my other daughter (11 yo) were also in the pool with her. I can’t remember if my husband was too. We had a couple friends over. Everyone was having fun. I was watching them from a lounge chair by the pool. I look away then suddenly my youngest daughter disappeared from the shallow edge of the pool. I kept yelling we have to find her! But they weren’t being fast in responding. I ran in the house because I couldn’t take looking at them take their time in searching for her. I shut the bedroom door and kept screaming “we have to find her!” “Please take me don’t take my baby!!” “I wish I was dead” “please help me find her” I kept hoping that door would open and my 4 yo would be there standing. Then my husband comes in acting as if nothing is wrong. I yelled to him and my other two kids “Did you find her?!!!” They looked at me like i was crazy. I ran back out to the pool and sobbed and sobbed I yelled “I hate you all!!” and kept repeating that and looked up at a friend and said “we have to find her” That friend then jumped in the pool then my nightmare ended. I then realized it wasn’t real. I kept sobbing and my stomach had pains. WORST DREAM EVER IN MY LIFE!
Jesus 2017-12-17 14:24:51
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I just woke up from my dream. In my dream I was at a pool playing with some little kids and then I noticed that a toddler (kid look like a 2 or 3 year old) was crowing I rush into the pool to push him to the shallow area and I jump out.The kid then proceeded to jump back in the pool so I saved him again, this time I was carrying him put but he was trying to break free my grip of him. He successfully does but I still manage to hold him and I pulled back out of the water
ness 2017-06-09 00:41:48
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Last night i had a dream that has affected me since I've woken up. I can't remember what happened at the start but half way through, my grandmother had 8 babies. Weird. 1 of those babies had a disease (like me) so I said iI'll take care of it (I'm 17). So every day after school I'd go to her house and take care of the baby. One night I saw the baby was bleeding around it's tummy. Then suddenly I noticed my nose was bleeding but i didn't worry too much about me. I bandaged the baby until it stopped and got the bath ready to clean the mess. I got the water ready and i started to wash the infant and my grandmother called me. I sat the baby on the bench, next to the bath, and went to see what she wanted. By the time I got back, the baby had drowned. I had no idea how this happened, the baby was far from the edge but I broke down into tears and as screaming in pain. Everyone in the house came up to me and saw the scene. After that all I remember was that I was in a hospital hiding form people, then I woke up.
I told my mum on the way to school and I was crying a lot. I'm now in class and it's still affecting me.
MommaOfTwo 2017-12-21 22:55:12
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You may be pregnant sounds weird but I dreamed I miscarried 3 babies before i found out i was pregnant the 1st time and miscarried 5 the 2nd time. Im still currently pregnant with my 2nd child and and i have dreamed 2 times about my newborn infant drowning.
Tobias 2017-05-01 23:30:07
I had a very strange dream.
We just moved not too long ago, and In this dream I still lived in my old town. (I'm 15 years old)
My mother was a lot younger, and looked to be in her 20s. We both were wearing an old fashioned dress. A young girl that I used to go to school with (let's call her Madison) invited me to a party that she was having at her house. I found this quite strange, considering she used to bully me throughout elementary and middle school. But, I happily excepted the offer. As we made our way on our bikes to Madison's house, my father came into view. He was wearing a tux, which was very unusual for him. I got off my bike, and walked up to him and asked him why he was there. He just yelled very loudly, and took out a rather large kitchen knife. He started chasing after me and Madison, and a few other people that were outside of Madison's house. After about a few minutes (or seconds, that felt like minutes) of running, a very tall man with long, black hair and a very well groomed beard walked out. He tried to save us, but later turned on us. Then, my father turned into the good guy. They kept stitching rolls throughout the dream, but they finally both turned against us. We were now running away from a strange man and my father. It then cut to a scene where me and my mother were in an unrecognizable bathroom. My mother was sitting on the outside of a bathtub, and I was laying inside of it. The bathtub was filled with water. I had a small baby in my arms. The strange man then killed my mother, and I was suddenly submerged under the bath water. I then purposely pushed the baby's head under the water, then tried to stop but there was no use. The baby was crying under the water and making terrible faces. I finally was able to get up, and the baby just stared at me with this horrified look on its face. I then pushed the babies head under the water again, and watched as it thrashed around, cried, and make horrifying faces. I then started to laugh maniacally.
I woke up after that
Janine 2017-01-07 14:43:00
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I've had two disturbing dreams about my nephew drowning. The most recent was last night. A group of kids were playing and my nephew was last seen playing with them. I was told to go look for him, I go look for my nephew and scan the group of children that's playing but I can't see him nowhere. I look towards the river and look over the water to see my nephew naked and in the foetal position. I rush into the water screaming "My baby my baby". I swim towards him only to find the current is pulling him away from me. I swim harder and grab him pulling him closer to me as I swim towards the bank, my nephew wakes up and starts crying as he tells me " I'm sorry Nean I'm sorry Nean".... My nephew is my pride and joy, the apple of my eye... I can't make sense of this dream.
Steph 2016-12-21 17:31:19
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I had a very upsetting dream I was in a flooded gymnasium and there were two very small children a boy & a girl, Brother and sister. There was a small life boat but it was lopsided like it was broken. The girl fell in the water & I swam down to get her and couldn't find her I felt around & felt a hand reaching for me and grabbed it and took the child to the lifeboat. It was the boy not the girl. I swam back down several times trying to find the girl. Finally when I found her she was dead. I tried to do cpr and the whole time I am doing cpr I am frantic and upset because there is a woman just standing there not helping me with either child. While giving cpr to the girl I am horrified that the boy might fall back in the water because he is on the broken boat. I wake up.
Lilly 2016-07-26 07:02:51
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Dreamt of drowning babies (but mine) but couldn't save them. Twin newborn boys (about a month old) died in my arms and nobody wanted to help and a little girl (about 3yrs) lost in the water. I couldn't scream or even move fast in the water cuz it was so cold. It was like a tsunami or ocean that broke a wall to my house. It was in my back yard. Cried so much in my dream and woke up crying to my waking life. Meaning?
Brande 2017-09-23 02:36:56
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Yours seem similar to mine except it was a pool and we were both underwater he had stopped moving and no matter how hard I swam I couldn't get any cliser
sharon 2016-02-04 21:35:23
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I had a dream that a plane crashed in the sea and i had to swim in rough huge waves the baby was under Warter when I grabbed the baby I swam to the surface and then waves went calm and I was able to rescue the baby and other adults u went back for
Cat 2015-03-23 22:14:40
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This seems very much like someone else's own opinion rather then. Proper dream interpretation it's way to interpersonal to be an over all view I didn't like this at all and I read a lot of dream interpretations this is the first unprofessional one ive come actoss
catrina 2014-11-18 01:55:17
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Helpful. I don't take this as we don't tAke care of our children. Were not putting our all into our responsibilities I think....
melissia 2014-10-03 00:48:14
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I don't think that right because I just dreamed today and I take very good care of my child he don't do anything out of eye sight

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