Dream Dictionary Drowning in Ocean, Drowning Someone

Dream Dictionary Drowning in Ocean, Drowning Someone

Whether you are dreaming of drowning in ocean, drowning someone else, drowning baby or drowning yourself, there are a multitude of reasons why you might be dreaming of these things.

Dream Drowning in Ocean, Drowning Someone
Dream Dictionary Drowning in Ocean, Drowning Someone, The Definition of a Dream About Drowning in Ocean, Drowning Someone

This is a fairly common dream type and does not mean you are strange or disturbed, but if you want to know what the dream means you are going to have to keep on doing your research and see where it leads.

The ocean is a vast space and it is so large that in many cases you can find yourself at a point where you cannot see your way to land anymore. This can be maddening and without any kind of way of detecting the direction you are going in you can get lost pretty fast. The ocean is also known for being a bit murkier than your standard clear water. Even if the color of it is a beautiful blue or green, this does not mean that it’s going to be easy to see through where you want to go. So if you have a dream in which you are dreaming of drowning in ocean what does it mean?

Well, it could mean one of two things. The ocean represents emotion because all water does, but because it is so hard to see through, it represents ambiguous emotion, or emotion that you are not sure of. You need to know where the emotions you are feeling stem from and what you are truly feeling or else you will drown yourself in strange feelings. This dream can also mean that you have sailed out for an ambitious goal and you ended up getting yourself lost somewhere along the way, which makes it very difficult for you to cope with this dream.

If you have a dream in which you are drowning someone you are probably going to want to pay attention to which it is that you are drowning so you can get a good idea of why you are having this dream. If you recognize the person that you are drowning in your dream trey to think of what they might have done to you to make you dream this way, how they could have treated you that would lead you to feel this way about them. The bottom line is, a dream like this arises out of a lot of anger that you must be feeling towards this person that you are dreaming about hurting, otherwise you wouldn’t be dreaming about them so negatively or having such negative feelings about them as a person, this is just a simple fact. If you have a dream about drowning someone you are mad, try to come to an understanding with them in real life before you end up doing something seriously damaging and really hurting someone. You will definitely come to regret it.

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Dany 2014-07-30 05:04:55
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Last night I dreamt of myself controlling the waves. Me and my dad were arguing in the water at the beach, all of a sudden waves came . I was able to escape but my dad didn't, then I felt like I could control the waves coming in. It kept coming and coming and they were huge, I could feel myself making the waves get rough to kill my dad; I was so angry at him that I ended up killing him; which made me cry so hard and regret what I did. I didn't mean to so that what did that dream mean? :/
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