Dream Dictionary Drugs, Drug test

Dream Dictionary Drugs, Drug test

This may not seem like it at first, but drugs and a drug test all have something in common and when you dream about any or all of those, it is the process of your mind trying to connect the dots and tell you something.

Dream Drugs, Drug test
Dream Dictionary Drugs, Drug test, The Dream Meaning of Drugs, Drug test

Drugs can comprise a lot of different types of substances, some that are not so bad, some which have been noted to have no negative effects whatsoever and some which do indeed cause all sorts of damage and can basically ruin your life. If you have a dream about drugs you need to be sure why you are having it because of what it could be saying about you. If you have a dream in which you see a lot of different drugs it means that you are being tempted into indulging your most base desires. The desire to take drugs will ruin you. They make you feel great for a short period until you come down off of them and you cannot remember why you ever did them in the first place, all you know is that you want more. Eventually you have been turned into some kind of vampire.

A dream about a drug test means you are worried about what a search into your past will uncover. You feel like you have skeletons in your closet that would be easily revealed if someone just scratched the surface of your life. You don’t need to try and cover up anything probably since whatever you do with your life is probably legal, but you do need to be aware that there are a lot of problems with being scared of having your past revealed. Ideally you would welcome others in and it will make intimate relationships difficult in the future when you are unwilling to open up and share who you really are at heart.

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