Dream Dictionary Druid

Dream Dictionary Druid

Druids have been conceived of in thousands of different artistic depictions ranging from paintings to novels to video games, and each time they are represented it seems to be different.

Dream Druid
Dream Dictionary Druid, The Tranquil Meaning Behind a Dream About a Druid

The one commonality that they seem to share is that they usually all exhibit a human female form, but event his has been toyed with a hundred different ways. Sometimes it is merely a naked woman with barely a few leaves and twigs to cover her most private parts. Sometimes it is a woman whose entire flesh is made up of some plantlike or wood-like material. Sometimes it is a woman made up of green light, and sometimes it is a fairy wearing a leaf as a dress. This list also goes on, but a dream about a druid shares important meanings for your daily life as well.

A dream about a druid means that you are thinking about your connections to the world. The druid is usually the god of or the spirit of the forest. You are thinking about all of the connections that you have to the forest and what kind of a person you are and what you need to do to get closer to your roots. If you have a dream in which you see a druid, this dream is inviting you to go into the woods and commune with nature, or if you cannot do that, then at the very least make yourself more time to go out into the wild and be where you want to be. This is what you need to do if you have a dream about a druid.

A druid, aside from being a strong connection to the natural world, is also known for being extremely connected to her specific cause. A druid is very involved in wanting to protect her forest from outside perversions or outside meddling. While your particular cause might not be to protect a forest, it is safe to assume that one reason you might be dreaming of a druid is because you feel a strong connection to one cause or another so much so that you have the passion that a druid might have over something like this. You simply really want to see your cause through to the end.

A druid does not always have to be nice though and sometimes they can be represented as quite ferocious. They can have gnashing teeth, strong wood-like claws that can rip a person’s face off. Some depictions of druids feature women that simply break down and sob when a tree is chopped down, while there are other druids that will begin destroying and drinking the blood of anyone that steps on even the smallest flower petal in their forest. Which kind did you dream about because this can also have an effect on the meaning? To dream of the calmer druid means that you would love to commune with nature and begin to get back to your natural roots, but to dream of a scary or evil druid suggests that while you may or may not want to go into nature like on a camping trip or some such thing, you have some fear of doing so which makes it more difficult for you to cope with this. How do you expect to make it out of this, all you need to do is just slowly introduce yourself into the environment once more. Gradually your fears will dissipate.

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