Dream Dictionary Drunk driver, Drunkard

If you have a dream about a drunk driver it means you are worried that your future is in the hands of an incapable person that will bring you into danger. But if you have a dream in which you are a drunk driver it means that you are worried that you are taking yourself out of the place where you want to be and bringing yourself trouble. It means that you are not taking care of problems with a clear head, your head is clouded by other thoughts and it is causing you to perform detrimentally in one area or another. Don’t let your life get take over by bouts of confusion. Keep a clear head because it’s more than most people get.

Having a drunk dream could be positive or negative in meaning but a drunkard is someone that can no longer control their alcohol consumption, this is someone that cannot function without it and has become a slave to the feeling that alcohol creates in them. Therefore if you have a dream in which you are a drunkard it means that you feel like your actions are not your own anymore, you may even be having an identity crisis and have no idea how to return to what you once were and where you are now.
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