Dream Dictionary Drunk

Dream Dictionary Drunk

Sometimes there are symbols in life that you might not be sure of or that might not make sense to you but if you want to know what they mean you just have to persevere in studying them until they make sense you might not even know how important these symbols are to you until they show up in your dreams, such as a drunk, drunkard etc.

Dream Drunk
Dream Dictionary Drunk, What it Means when you Dream That you Are Drunk

When you are drunk you are basically out of your mind, though not totally. To say that you were totally out of your mind when you were drunk would be a falsehood. Being drunk merely lowers your inhibitions but sometimes this is not a good thing and it can lead to you making a fool out of yourself. If you have had a dream in which you were drunk, it could mean one of two things on this case. It could mean that you feel like you need to go out and get rid of a few inhibitions because this would serve you well. Perhaps you think that in order for you to get ahead in life and make something of yourself you just need to stop worrying about yourself so much. Maybe this is the case after all. However if you have a dream in which you are drunk and the things you are doing are foolish it could just mean that you feel like you have been different lately and in a bad way. You feel like you have been acting poorly and have not been the way that you should be. You are looking for something to blame it all on, but perhaps this time it really is just your fault. This may be something to consider when you are thinking about your dream later today.

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