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It may be easier to dream of a dryer but this is something that it is difficult for the mind to comprehend unless it is really focused, since dry things often involve conceiving of textures. Thus, a dream involving something that is dry or dried out must be of no small amount of significance to you.

If you have a dream that some part of you is dry, this is another situation in which the dream could mean any number of things. For one, the dream might mean that you haven’t been as emotionally expressive as you should recently. Water is a substance that is known for representing emotion and feeling when it comes to dreams, if you have a dream that you are dry or especially if you are trying to cry in your dream but you cannot, it means that you need to try to be a little truer about the way you feel. Be more honest and let people accept you for who you are. Let them into your life so that they at least get a chance to know and understand you as a person. You have to at least give them the chance and you have to at least take a chance before you start to get worried about being let down by anyone, this is just the way it works.

Having a dream about a dryer usually means that you feel like your life has been too chaotic recently. Certainly a dryer can represent any number of things but one of the things that a dryer is well known for is tumbling. Since most dryers are of the tumble dryer variety. If you have a dream in which you see a dryer it means that you feel like you are being tossed about in that dryer, like you are the one that needs to take a break from the dryer or like you are the one that needs to have some alone time. A dryer can be pretty annoying and it can be pretty demanding on you. If you have a dream in which you are being tossed about in a dryer it means you feel like you have just been out of control lately and you need to take a second to find some grounding. This will make you feel a little more comfortable in the position you’ve been in so far.
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