Dream Dictionary Dry River

Dream Dictionary Dry River

A dry river is one of the most symbolic images because it represents a loss of life. Water is so vital for life that dry river appear in dreams could mean a real disaster in reality.

Dream Dry River
Dream Dictionary Dry River, What it Means to Dream of a Dry River

Some say that blood is the essence of life but if this is true then it is also true for water. As much as blood helps our body to function, humans are made up mostly of water and without water we would be nothing more than brittle bone. The image of a strong flowing river has a lot of meaning in that case, but then, so does the image of a stark dry river.

Dreaming about a dry river means you feel like you have run out of options or that you have hit a rut in life. As hard as you may try, you just can’t seem to find that flow you were once in and now you feel stuck. You were once streaming along with a goal in mind but now you are floundering, and without guidance. You do not know where you are going anymore and can’t even remember where you were once supposed to be headed.

A river represents life force and moving on to new things constantly, always growing, always ready to go on more and more, farther and farther. To have a dream in which you see a dry river bed then this means that your life force, your drive is missing. Sometimes this can represent your passion. You have lost a sense of passion that you once had and it means that you need to do what you can to gain it back.

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what does it means when u seen the ground of the river in a dream
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