Dream Dictionary Dry Skin

Dream Dictionary Dry Skin

Dry skin is something that people have to deal with all the time unfortunately. No wonder we see Dry Skin in our dreams.

Dream Dry Skin
Dream Dictionary Dry Skin, The Dream Meaning of Dry Skin

Dry Skin seems to be most common when temperatures outside are lower and the onset of dry skin means a lot of scratching, itching, and flaking. In some ways though, especially in dreams, it can also represent a loss of the past and a move towards the future.

If you have a dream about dry skin it means that you feel emotionally brittle. If anyone has any emotional display around you or shares their feelings in even the most rudimentary way you feel like you would absorb their feelings or their sadness, like you could not go on unless they gave you a little bit of a break. You are too susceptible to other people making you feel a certain way and it shows.

Skin cells are always being lost and dry skin is yet another opportunity for that to happen, but rarely do people think of what dry skin really is. Dry skin is a part of ourselves that we are losing. Soon new skin will grow over the old and we will forget, then that skin will be lost and new skin will grow over that. When you have a dream in which you lose a lot of skin due to dry skin this means that you are moving away from the old and onto the new. You are ready for newer experiences and the old you is going, going, gone.

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Jas 2018-11-09 17:24:16
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Last night I saw my husband sitting next to me in a bus.. My skin was dry he was concerned about it what does this dream mean
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