Dream Dictionary Dung, Dung Beetle

Dream Dictionary Dung, Dung Beetle

If you have a dream about dung it may seem a bit strange at first.

Dream Dung, Dung Beetle
Dream Dictionary Dung, Dung Beetle, The Dream Definition of the Symbols: Dung, Dung Beetle

The strangeness makes sense and it may seem even stranger if a dung beetle is involved, but each of these symbols has a level of importance to dream interpretation which should not be ignored.

Dung is basically a nicer word for poop or excrement. You usually only hear it used in the context of science since in conversation there are about 5 different terms that are more practical and mean the same thing. The one time when the common person seems to use it more often is in the context of the bug known as the dung beetle. But backing up a bit, before we begin to discuss the dung beetle, you probably want to know what it means to simply dream about dung. Well if you have a dream about dung it could mean a few different things.

Since dung is just another word for waste or excrement then there is probably something on your mind that you have been thinking about that is like dung to you, or something that you feel like is a waste to you that you have had to put up with recently. Maybe there is someone in your life that is nudging himself in and you feel like he is no better to you than a piece of trash. This is also a possibility. If this is the case then just try your hardest to make your opinion on him known without telling him directly. Sure it may offend him, but it will never be a direct confrontation which could potentially lead to violence, and avoiding violence is always a good thing. If you have had to put up with just a lot of trash in your life and a lot of things that just aren’t worth your time and you can feel it wearing on you, then this is probably why you are dreaming of dung.

A dream about a dung beetle allows for more possibilities though. If you have a dream about a dung beetle then this is a sign that you can take your terrible situation with the dung and turn it into something great. The dung beetle is known for collecting the refuse of large animals and using it as the main food source. The dung beetle is so named because it collects dung from wherever it drops, rolls it into a ball about the size of the bug itself, and then rolls that ball into its hole for later consumption. Therefore, even if you’re in a pretty sad position or if life has stacked the odds against you, it is still your job to see what kinds of positives you can make out of your situation, and haw you can get yourself into a better place later on with a little bit of hard work. Sure it may seem hard to cope with the terrible situation you’ve forced into and it will suck to work with trash, but if you can use it to your advantage, then it would be stupid not to. Just remember that the next time you think an idea is stupid.

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