Dream Dictionary Dungarees

Dream Dictionary Dungarees

Dungarees may not seem like an important dream symbol at first. After all it is just a piece of clothing.

Dream Dungarees
Dream Dictionary Dungarees, The Meaning of a Dream About Dungarees

If you really think about it, how often do you see dungarees in everyday life? These are not the same things as jeans or anything like that. Each of these has their own specific meaning. If you have a dream about dungarees you should think twice before dismissing it because it may have some deeper significance that it may seem to have at first.

If you have a dream in which you see dungarees then this means that you feel like you are a little manlier than usual. Dungarees are known for being strictly jeans for men and they were originally marketed towards the working man, and to be a little more specific, the cowboy. In that vein, the cowboy is known for being a symbol of extreme manliness. Even if you do not see the cowboy as very manly, you have to admit that he embodies a lot of the different characteristics that culture in general seems to see in a man. Basically if you are wearing dungarees in a dream it means that you feel like you have been a lot more manly than usual lately and it is making you feel good about yourself.

Dungarees give off a rustic and rebellious feel to them. They represent the old west and they represent strength and manliness, all a part of the settler’s spirit. Perhaps there is something that is going to happen in your life soon which will require you to steel your nerves and get ready to endure something tough. Your mind is trying to prepare you for that by allowing you to experience events such as this.

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