Dream Dictionary Dying in a car crash

Dream Dictionary Dying in a car crash

There are very many ways to die.

Dream Dying in a car crash
Dream Dictionary Dying in a car crash, The Meaning of a Dream About Dying in a car crash

There are also many reasons to be afraid of death as well because it is one of the few things that we can never know. There are many things that we say we will never be able to understand but there are only a handful of these that we know for a fact we can in no way research more or ever be able to understand Death is one of these few.

There are a lot of different ways to die in the world, as sated above. If you have a dream in which you see yourself dying in a car crash it means that you have to really think about driver safety. Something has probably happened to you recently which triggered this kind of thought or this dream .You do not normally dream of dying in such a specific way and you do not normally let a dream be triggered by something like this if you aren’t worried in some way about what might happen in your life. Try to think of what it was that triggered this dream.

Maybe you ended up getting a speeding ticket recently. Or perhaps you just ended up rear ending someone on accident. You don’t actually need to get in an accident to get the gears in your mind thinking about what could have unfortunately been. This is not a dream that comes out of nothing though and even if you are not in imminent danger you still need to realize that good driver safety is never a bad thing. Safety can always help more than it will hurt and you will do well to keep to this safety if you want to do well for yourself in the future.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dying in a car crash

Diana 2015-10-15 01:13:38
I had a dream that my mom got my a dog for my birthday, he was white and was very cute, I carried him and them I told my mom not to get it because I wanted to see other cute dogs. Then later on I got a text from my ex and he wanted to see me, then we met and he started driving crazy and it was very dark and I was begging him not to drive so crazy, I was very scared and I then put on my seat belt, he started telling me that if I was not his, I would never be anyone else's. When that happened he jumped a broken road and the car jumped too, I was terrified, then he drove soo fast that we then crashed against a huge rock that was I front of us, he purposely crashed to kill us both. Then I woke up in a hotel that people were waiting to go in and he was very angry, the only thing I wanted to do was to leave that place but it was impossible because it was heaven, when he tried to hit me the security came and took him away. Then I found out that I was dead. I cried many times and all I wanted was to be back home with my mom and John. I saw Blanca in the dream and she was reading to me letters that she wrote to herself to feel better. I saw a bunch of angels singing and sending storms to earth. There was a strong man pursuing me and often times took care of me

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Aggie 2014-12-04 06:09:52
In my dreams when I die in a car crash right as we are crashing I close my eyes and I feel calm and blissful . But the crashes are have been different types. Last time I wasn't driving and we went off a cliff right befit a bridge and in the recent one I was driving and I was trying to get over but I was accelerating and kept trying to get over for the turn and the passenger in the car was talking and didn't notice and I just could stop tilwe jumped the rail and I closed my eyes and like I said before when I think I have dyed or were about to die - I close my eyes and feel peaceful and warm then I wake up. What do you think it is - btw I always think about how I will die and what it will be like for years I have thought about but not til recently have I dreamt like this

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Sam 2015-03-26 11:16:28
I dont know know if you will ever see this but I have had the same type of dreams. someone else is usually driving but we have gone over the rail, ran into a building, and just today off of the top of a building. i always close my eyes and feel peace and warmth and see a light as well.

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Steve 2015-02-24 18:42:03
You have nothing to worry about ... I'm here to protect U

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ann 2013-05-27 22:35:52
Rubbish. I dont drive and had this worrying dream last night.

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