Dream Dictionary Flower

Dream Dictionary Flower

Red roses are the symbol of romantic love and their meaning is the clearest.

Dream Flower
Dream Dictionary Flower, Interpretation of a dream in which a flower is given or received

Whether you are giving or receiving a red rose you will have learned the true object of your affection and romantic aspirations. Finding a red rose in a dream suggests a hidden loneliness and desire for a relationship that must be acknowledged before it can be realized. Being pricked by a rose, which is not, much like in the real world, uncommon, means that your love has been scorned; it hurts now but the pain will pass and scars will fade and you will emerge stronger for it.

If you dream of giving someone a white lily it suggests that you find yourself the object of unwelcome affection. If you dream of receiving a white lily from someone it implies that you desire from them only platonic friendship, though you might sense in them a desire for more.

A purple lilac represents the first blush of new love, perhaps as of yet unrecognized even by you. A field of lilacs suggests a wealth of choice and the presence of an agonizing decision as to how to proceed amongst them. If you find yourself receiving a tulip then you are likely to soon embark on a new romantic journey. To find a tulip alone in your dream reflects a suspicion that someone you yearn for does feel the same way about you. A carnation is a sign of respect; if you dream of receiving one it suggests you enjoy a pivotal role in that person’s life and that you must use your influence responsibly. Violets signify trust and faith; to dream of giving one to someone suggests that, come what may, you will be able to rely on them. If you receive one then it means that you see yourself as responsible for their safety and wellbeing and that only you presence as protector stands between them and the dangers of the world. Violets often accompany other, more ominous signs, and serve to give hope in advance of troubling times that you won’t need to face them alone. Tulips signify a love in an impossible situation where two people are kept apart by seemingly insurmountable obstacles and yet, simultaneously, the love seems unrequitable.

A hydrangea bush reflects a feeling of worry about a relationship you’re in, likely a romantic one. You find yourself questioning more and more frequently your partner’s feelings for you; their love and loyalty can no longer be taken for granted. Poppies are for remembrance of a tragic loss. They serve as both a reminder to honour the memory of lost loved ones as well as a symbol of hope for the future.

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